Celebrating The 5th Annual Gretsch Day (6/2/2012) – PT2 “The Videos”

As I had previously reported here in the Musings, just the other day out in Bay Ridge Brooklyn over at Street Sounds Music, we found the Fifth Annual Gretsch Day taking place. It was great to be in attendance at this fun event because it features a whole lot of music, interesting people and demonstrations along with the enjoyment of all things Gretsch. The affair was hosted by Fred Gretsch himself and there were a number of wonderful performances throughout the course of the day. Among the performers were the young up and comers of Foxy Studs, Paul Pigat and Cousin Harley, Nik and Sam, The Octanes and the headliner of the day, Fountains Of Wayne. Check out the events poster below.

Since I had so many photos in the first article, I didn’t want to overpower the reader by also adding in the videos so I decided to keep them in a post of their own for easier enjoyment. I didn’t capture anything by Foxy Studs and instead started my video snagging with Paul Pigat and Cousin Harley. I did two songs of his and man how this dude can cook on the guitar. By the way, I uploaded these videos to my personal account as opposed to my Official PiercingMetal one since they were not Metal bands and I am trying my best to keep that account on the heavy side.

The next band up were the lovely twin sisters of Nik and Sam. They were more of a Pop-Friendly Country group and they performed a number of tunes with “Wanna Live (Live Like That)” being one of them. I like this song and felt that they had such a positive energy about their playing.

Straight out of Austin, Texas came The Octanes and they were probably the heaviest band of the afternoon. I recorded two of their songs but did not catch the names of them. If you happen to know just send me a message and I will gladly correct the oversight.

Last up for the night would be the headliners for the music presentation with Fountains Of Wayne. I always enjoyed their “Stacy’s Mom” song and remember seeing the video on MTV or VH1 or whatever quite a bit so that was the song that I captured for posterity.

This was a really fun day and it was awesome to be able to add this to our other musical adventures area of the blog. There really is a lot of different things going on all around us and its nice to hit a non-Metal event every once in awhile. It keeps me grounded. By the way, all of these clips were shot with the Panasonic Lumix from the front of the stage. They came out pretty good in terms of sound and visual in my opinion and make me very happy that I purchased this little camera. I recommend it if you are looking for something reliable and small. Now back to the regularly scheduled Metal and Comic Book adventuring.

Important Weblinks:
Gretsch: http://gretsch.com/
Paul Pigat: http://paulpigat.com/
Nik and Sam: http://nikandsam.com/
The Octanes: http://www.myspace.com/octanes
Fountains Of Wayne: http://fountainsofwayne.com/home/

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