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The Reunited Pantera Perform For The First-Time @ Hell and Heaven Metal Fest, Mexico

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The reformed or reunited version of Pantera in 2022 features original members Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown who laid down that primal concrete sledge something fierce back in the heyday with the exemplary talents of “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott and his brother Vinnie Paul who are sadly no longer with us. Joining the ranks in their honor are Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society and Charlie Benante from Anthrax on lead guitar and drums respectively. Now there is a lot of chatter to the relevence of this particular reunion and my view is this. It’s good to have the means to let generations of Metalheads in the now enjoy these songs in the live sense since with the proper work it can be done effectively and send the people home exhilarated. While the band was recently in the news with their joining onto the upcoming Metallica World Tour (announced HERE ICYMI), last night they performed at the Hell and Heaven Fest in Mexico and the set list rundown was cribbed from the popular website.
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Attention: Today Is Bandcamp Friday (12/2/2022)

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Greetings my music minded friends and if I’ve not yet said so in another network, “Welcome To December” and what amounts to the final “Bandcamp Friday” for 2022. For the last few months I’ve taken a card out of some of the other websites deck and done this kind of post to help broadcast this cool initiative. While a news alert like this one would be better suited for the Ken Pierce Media site, since this is aimed at the music side of the fence I run them on for the duration. Legacy readers will likely remember our discussing how Bandcamp was acquired by Epic Games but for the newbies they should click HERE to be on point with the not so latest news. Since we are approaching the “Season of Giving”, I think its super important to send readers to the Bandcamp service to help support the music they love so much. Let’s review just what this is shall we?

What Is Bandcamp Friday: Bandcamp Fridays allow artists and labels releasing music to take back 93% of the money earned through sales, with the other 7% being used for processing fees and charges. Launched on the first Friday of March in 2020, Bandcamp Fridays normally take place on one Friday a month (usually the first).
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Crunchyroll Announces Plans For Fort Worth, TX’s “Anime Frontier” Convention

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WHAT: Crunchyroll, the global brand creating the ultimate anime experiences,
has wrangled up the most wanted panels and premieres for Anime Frontier this December 2nd – 4th. Fans can check out the World Premiere of Revenger, as well as get a headstart on the simulcast winter season with early looks at The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague!, The Fruit of Evolution Season 2, and more! Additionally, the Crunchyroll Industry Panel will be in town to announce the latest and greatest coming to Crunchyroll.

Friday, December 2 | 7:30PM – 9:00PM @ Fort Worth Convention Center – Panel Room 2
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Presenting: 50th Annual American Music Awards Winners For Rock

Hey there my friends, I’m here for a quick moment to share with you the winners of the 50th Annual American Music Awards for the “Rock” categories. There are three in total so this will be a quick read. The broadcast still has over an hour to go and I’ll be posting the full rundown over on “The Chronicles” for those interested in seeing it. Truth be told I am not the biggest fan of this awards show since it seems a bit all over the place and leaves a lot of the music that I like out of the process. I’ll return at the close with some additional opinion

Favorite Rock Artist:
Imagine Dragons
The Lumineers
WINNER – Machine Gun Kelly
Red Hot Chili Peppers
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Anime NYC 2022 Takes Over The PiercingMetal Instagram

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The PiercingMetal website was once again in attendance at the awesome Anime NYC Convention that was being held at the Javits Center. While a score of photos and narrative will be posted on the website, one of the things we enjoy most about conventions is upping the content on our Official Instagram. The interested can start their journey with the image below. Please be sure to “Follow” and like as many photos as possible for good engagement.

I hope everyone who sees these photos enjoys them and thanks to all the cosplayers and vendors and artists who stopped for a moment so I could snap them. The first few are up and I am already contending with all the spammers who post comments like “DM us on @worthless_profile”. Fellow creatives should delete this without regard because they are only looking to get the attention that your photo would usually get you. Trust me on this.