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PiercingMetal Talks To Into Eternity’s Tim Roth (5/17/2006)

Logo - Into Eternity

Into Eternity’s Tim Roth

If you attended one of the many Metal shows that came through the area across the year 2005 then there is a good chance that you know very well who Into Eternity is. The band is a Metal force that mixes up accepted norms and shows a unique variety of influences in their music. Taking a healthy dose of Death Metal growls and speed the band mixes in Progressive Elements with the result being a technically adept and musically pleasing album. “Buried By Oblivion” is an album that is high on the recommendation list since it portrays this dynamic very well, recently after their opening slot for Gamma Ray I was able to run a few questions by founder/guitarist/growler Tim Roth. Here’s what he had to say about some of the bands origins and the present state of affairs of this amazing group.

KP: Here’s a question that I am sure never gets tiring to answer. How did the band start and what made you settle on the style and musical content that you ended up doing.

Tim Roth: I started the band in late 1996. The band at the time played 3 shows around town, but in 1997 the real lineup got involved. That was JIm ( drums ), Scott ( bass ), Chris ( keyboards ) and myself on guitar and lead vocals. Into Eternity’s style was always a mix of death metal and progressive metal. I always wondered why you couldn’t have both styles in one band. Death metal has a lot of power and energy to it, but it can get a bit monotonous. I like that the clean vocals and interludes break up the mix a little. It’s also a good thing to have melody in music, so people can sing along. Our style has always remained intact even though our songwriting has improved.
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PiercingMetal Talks To Finntroll’s Tapio Wilska (1/24/2006)

Logo - Finntroll

Finntroll is one of the super powers as far as Folk Metal goes when it comes right down to it. Formed in 1997 by a very drunk Somnium and Katla, Black Metal & Finnish “Humppa” music were mixed together and had some astrounding effect. Thus Finntroll was born. I admit that it takes a couple of listens to get into it, but once you do, it’s a ride into some territory that many Metal bands don’t bother to take. The genre is labeled “Pagan Folk Metal” and while Finnish in origin, the band sings in Swedish. The group made their very first adventure over to the United States opening up for German Thrash legends Sodom and at this particular show held at B.B. King Blues Club, it seemed like Finntroll were the stars tonight. The crowd was singing and dancing through the whole set and would be a far more exciting act than Sodom would be tonight. Shortly after the band ended their set I was chit-chatting with singer Tapio Wilska and since everyone was enjoying heafty amount of beverages (even me) the conversation was very ad-hoc but fun. Remembering that I had my recorder led to a few minutes of interview questions with him about the night and touring here for the first time.

KP: OK so I am sitting here with Wilska from Finntroll who has just finished his successful and first time ever gig in New York City. So tell me very honestly what your impression was going into this show.

Wilska: Well, we didn’t know what to expect but the New York audience was so cool and were so into it and playing live shows is the main reason that I do music. The adrenaline rush that you get onstage in a setting like this where theres a club full of people who are really into it the amount of energy that you get from that is just quite good. I mean we have a joke about that saying that if I could bottle the energy from gigs as hangover medicine I would be a fucking millionaire man. I could go on stage and too bad that I am not that professional and have gone on stage very, very hungover in my time but two or three songs into the set when you get a really good audience it all just sweeps away.
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PiercingMetal Talks To Voivod’s Jason Newsted (3/9/2006)

Logo - Voivod

Artist: Voivod – Jason Newsted
Label: The End Records
Date: 3/9/2006

Bassist Jason Newsted is someone who the Metal Community knows very well for as history shows the musician left his band Flotsam & Jetsam to join the mighty Metallica (1986) and after several albums and tours as their longest tenured bassist, he would depart from the juggernaut and find himself a member of the very cult favorite Metal outfit Voivod (2002). His membership found a new level of attention and interest in the ever-referenced & influential Metal band who while revered, never received the level of acclaim that mass media could offer. After appearances on Ozzfest and a rebuilding interest in the band by a wider public, tragedy would strike as guitarist Denis “Piggy” D’Amour would be stricken with and succumb to cancer. Piggy recorded demo music up until his death, as he was determined to return stronger than ever but sadly this would not be the case. His death caused the remaining players to decide how best to move forward with his music and the decision was made to complete Piggy’s demoed work and release it all to his fans as his final music. Together with Pete Pardo of the Sea Of Tranquility, I attended a listening event hosted by The End Records where we would hear the completed work – a Progressive Metal opus entitled “Katorz”. After the album had completed we had some sit down time with Jason, and discussed life, music and what will become of Voivod now that Piggy has left us. Below is the transcribed conversation.

KP: Ok, we are set to go. So you were jamming with Friends last night since you were in town. Late night?

Newsted: Yeah, and at that point, one song becomes thirty minutes and you’re to the point of “hey it sounds great too” (laughs).
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PiercingMetal Talks To Beyond Fear’s Tim “Ripper” Owens & John Comprix (3/16/2006)

Logo - Beyond Fear

Beyond Fear is the new band formed by Iced Earth and former Judas Priest front man Tim “Ripper” Owens. Their self-titled debut release is a solid and heavy as hell album that is sure to make them a household name and score legions of fans. Signed to SPV Records, the band first made it’s appearance on the “Metal Insurgence Tour” in 2005 that placed them on the stage with John Oliva’s Pain and Chris Caffery. Recently, Ripper and guitarist John Comprix were in town to meet with the Press to discuss the band, the album, touring and the immediate plans for the future. Below is the transcription of our entire conversation.

KP: First of all congratulations on the absolutely killer recording debut of Beyond Fear. Tim I remember when we first met back at Iced Earth in NYC that you said you wanted to do a solo record if you had time and when I asked if it would be heavy you replied “oh yes it will be Heavy”. It’s great to see this come to fruition so how does it feel to have the record done and ready to be unleashed on the Metal masses.

Ripper: Well it feels good to me but unfortunately my first choice C.C. DeVille wasn’t available to play guitar (Tim’s referring to some off recording ribbing we were doing prior to the session) so I picked John. Actually John was always going to be in the band and I always felt it would be comfortable for me to have John Comprix on one side with C.C. Deville on the other for backup rhythm.

Comprix: Yeah that would have worked really well.
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PiercingMetal Talks To Kamelot’s Thomas Youngblood (11/21/2005)

Logo - Kamelot

Artist: Kamelot’s Thomas Youngblood
Date: 11/21/2005

The Melodic Metal powerhouse Kamelot had just completed what was nothing less than a crushing set in New York City to support the release “The Black Halo”. Thanks to the folks at SPV Records I was first able to sit down with lead singer Roy Khan for a few minutes before he was set to perform. After the show I found myself talking to some people and as a result somehow ended up chatting with guitar wizard Tom Youngblood. Since the recorder was with me I asked him if he wanted to share some brief thoughts with me and he was glad to offer some additional thoughts up. Here is the very spontaneous and unplanned discussion that we had.

KP: We are now backstage with Tom Youngblood, lead guitarist of Kamelot. Tom what did you think of Kamelot’s first ever performance in New York City?

Youngblood: It was fucking killer man we had a great time. The fan response totally blew me away and they were singing songs that we haven’t even heard people in Europe singing. So definitely an eye-opener for us and a reason to come back. It might have been the first show in New York but it is certainly not going to be our last.
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