“Carol Of The Bells” (Single) by Marillion

Artist: Marillion
Title: “Carol Of The Bells” (Holiday Single)
Label: Racket Records
Release Date: 12/15/2013
Genre: Holiday
Rating: 4/5

For several years the Neo-Progressive Rock band Marillion have been treating the members of their fan club to an exclusive DVD or CD release that can only be received if you are a part of said club. This is a wonderful holiday present and that alone is a pretty cool thing when you consider just how devoted the bands fans are to their cause. With this year’s offering they opted to release a special holiday single and for the first time ever, it was going to be made available to everyone in the world for a modest purchase price. You exclusive fans still matter very much to the band but in the spirit of the season it’s time for many more to enjoy the music and perhaps begin waiving the same banner than you all are.

“Carol Of The Bells” is a pretty standard and popular holiday tune so I was curious as to how the band would pull it off. The tune begins with the guys all acting as the choral and there isn’t a whole lot of music going on outside of their voices and some piano. I’ve liked the voice of “H” since I first heard it and at this point in time he has been in the band far longer than Fish ever was and the material still flows like a fountain from the lineup. The band gets their Prog on at around the two minute and a half mark where all the rest of the instruments come into play and there is some nice back and forth with the guitars and keyboard while the rhythm section keeps it all together. During this part of the track it moves outside of the traditional holiday song quite a bit and if you listen very closely to the tail end you might hear a little bit of the James Bond theme. Well, at least I did so perhaps I was being fooled in the melody somehow. The tune runs just under seven minutes and for the buck and change price tag is a worthy edition to your digital music library.

Make sure to watch the really fun video care of the link below. At the close its says that the band will return in 2014 so check your listings to be aware of any shows in your area.

Track Listing:
1. Carol Of The Bells

Official Website: www.marillion.com

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