“Busted” by Alien Ant Farm

Artist: Alien Ant Farm
Title: “Busted: The Definitive DVD”
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 7/18/2006
Genre: Alt-Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Out of the crop of new younger bands that launched off on MTV I had to give some amount of credit to Alien Ant Farm for at least being heavy on more occasions than they were not. I admit that most of the Nu and Alt-Metal players were never this Reporters line of interest but the band had some catchy songs, with their biggest hit being a rocking cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”. I don’t think the gloved-one every imagined his song being done with an almost Metal vibe to it. Songs like “These Days” and “She’s Only Evil” were pretty good as well but it seemed like MTV and their viewing generation was moving more towards R&B and Hip Hop, leaving “Rock” to be delivered by artists as James Blunt and others like that (dry, desperate and sad with no power or overall hook if you asked me). The DVD is a great treat for the bands fans as not only does it collect all of their videos but it also gives you a full concert (song list lined out below) for you to enjoy from a performance in Germany. The shoot is pretty straight-forward but shows the band doing their thing as they execute their brand of material very well. Those who are not much aware of their sound should look into a couple of the referenced songs since it offered a little difference from the Creed and Evanescence type of stuff that was beginning to dominate at the time. Alien Ant Farm is Dryden Mitchell (vocals), Joe Hill (guitar), Alex Barreto (bass) and Mike Cosgrove (drums). This is not a bad purchase and certainly gives the music fan a fair amount for the money.

VIDEOS: Smooth Criminal, Movies, Attitude, Sticks & Stones, These Days, Glow, Drifting Apart, Forgive & Forget, Around The Block, & She’s Only Evil.
BONUS FEATURES: Video Commentary “An Egg Or Two”, “Road To Wreckage” – Tour Documentary. This contains adult images and language so be aware.

Song Listing (Concert):
1. Courage
2. Summer
3. Sticks And Stones
4. Stranded
5. Whisper
6. Calico
7. Attitude
8. Movies
9. Bug Bytes
10. S.S. Recognize
11. Wish
12. Smooth Criminal

Official Web site: www.alienantfarm.com

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