Breaking: Sony Square NYC Permanently Shutters Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

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The Press Release:
In August 2016, Sony Square NYC opened with the mission to be a public space committed to showcasing the Sony Brand through innovations in electronics; providing behind-the-scenes looks at TV shows and movies; celebrating music artists and their fans; and bringing together the gaming community. Located at Sony’s New York City headquarters, there was no better place to experience the past, present, and future of our brand, than by walking into Sony Square NYC.

Nearly four years later, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Sony Square NYC—and the city we call home—has experienced unplanned, uncontrollable circumstances, and a period marred with unimaginable loss for so many people.

After closing temporarily in March, we’ve spent the last few months thinking about how to move forward. After much thought and reflection, we’ve made the immensely difficult decision to permanently close Sony Square NYC.

We believe the best way forward for Sony to share our brand story now is to enhance our social & digital engagement, while reducing our physical footprint. With tens of millions of Sony fans following us on social media & online, we look forward to engaging, creating immersive experiences and captivating the curiosity of our audience, as only Sony can.

We want to thank our entire staff, who are most certainly Sony’s foremost brand ambassadors, and who worked every day to create amazing experiences for our visitors. We also want to thank all of the artists, photographers, filmmakers, animators, game designers, and creators who led photo walks, forums, conversations, meet & greets, performances, and more.

And lastly, our sincerest thanks to all of the Sony fans who came through our doors.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Sad news for sure and I will not lie and pretend that anything that brings fans together closing up is a good thing and its clear that this virus will decimate a few more places before it decides to move on. So historically speaking, I’ve only been through the Sony Square NYC space on two occasions and for related agenda items. The first was when they opened up the small Judas Priest Pop-Up Museum which was documented HERE and then a short time later when the band themselves would be signing their brand-new album “Firepower” (documented HERE). A lot of the events were fan competitions only or exclusive listings that we could not work out or participate in based on other things being done. I did want to be at the New Years Day acoustic event and the Body Count album listening since each one sounded cool but again neither could be arranged and the fans are more important than my scribbling some notes about it. While its sad to lose such a space, perhaps we shall find the folks at Universal Music or Warner Music deciding that they need something like this to give back to the fans. Only time will tell and on that note I bid you all a fair adieu. Stay healthy and mind your surroundings during this still precarious time.

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