Breaking: “Defenders Of The Old Fest IV” Partial Lineup Announced

It was just a little while ago that I noticed this announcement on the events official Facebook page so I wanted to get it out to your attention. The lineup for the 2017 “Defenders Of The Old Fest” IV has been unveiled. Take a look at the poster below and their statement about it.

The Statement:
Defenders of the Old Festival IV will take place at Music Hall of Williamsburg from Fri, 6/16 to Sat, 6/17. We’re proud to present these six bands for our first round of announcements:

The Bands:
Cirith Ungol (First Time on East Coast)
Ashbury (USA) (First Time on East Coast)
Frigid Bich (First Show in Nearly Three Decades)
Nekromantheon [Official] (Exclusive North American Performance)
Night Demon

Limited Early Bird 2-Day Pass can be purchased here:…/3…/defenders-of-the-old-festival-iv-tickets – Only 100 of the above pass is available online! NYC diehards can also purchase them in person at Material World later this week (there will only be 25 available; cash only, no fees). The next update will be posted shortly after. We’re also planning a special Sunday show for 6/18 and a few fantastic after shows/parties so please plan to spend this weekend with us!

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I didn’t manage to catch the previous “Defenders Of The Old Fest” when it happened at both The Bell House and Saint Vitus Bar but I heard it was a monster of an event. I’ll be making sure to keep tabs on the event since more bands and special happenings will be getting announced as time goes forward. So what do you readers think about this first announcement? Is this the sort of Metal Festival that you have been longing for or did you catch last year’s and and giving this a high recommendation? Let us know in the comments below.

Official Facebook:

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