BMG Releases “3” More Classic Uriah Heep Albums

A few months ago I lined out the details about the extensive reissue program of Uriah Heep seminal works that was being done by BMG Music and before you read this new announcement I suggest that you click through to THIS LINK to know what is going on. Then by all means please continue onto the new scoop.

The Press Release:
Following the expanded and re-mastered re-issues of Uriah Heep’s first 2 albums (and a new 2 disc anthology called, ‘Your Turn To Remember’) follows these double CD sets of 3 classic Heep albums. The band’s 3rd album ‘Look At Yourself’ was originally released in October of 1971 and represented the first for manager Gerry Bron’s new label ‘Bronze Records’ and was also their first to hit the Top 100 of the Billboard Top 200, peaking at #93. The title track is a charging statement of intent as the band don’t let up, with no time to reflect on their success. Such was their hectic schedule at this time they managed to cram touring, session time and 3 albums in the space of 12 months. ’Demons And Wizards’ was released in June 1972 and is widely hailed to be their masterpiece. In the US, the album reached #23 on The Billboard Top 200 and was their first album to be RIAA Certified GOLD. It also features their 2 best known tracks in the states, the Classic Rock Radio staple “The Wizard” and their highest charting single, “Easy Livin’” (#39 Billboard Hot 100). Signs of personal problems and pushy management started to have an effect on the band and the next album, ‘The Magician’s Birthday’ released November 1972, though a quick follow-up the band somehow managed to pull it off with the album hitting #31 on the Billboard Top 200 and was their 2nd consecutive album to be RIAA Certified GOLD.

These re-packaged and re-mastered albums have been endorsed by the band all with a bonus disc of un-released material. ‘Look At Yourself’ was released with a unique foil front cover and this has been faithfully re-created in a lavish digipack format using foil board material which presents the entire package in a new and shimmering light. Roger Dean’s artwork for ‘Demons And Wizards’ and ‘The Magician’s Birthday’ captures the music (and the times) perfectly and extensive sleeve notes featuring interviews with the band are written by Joel McIver.

To Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Record Store Day on April 22nd, 2107, Heep will reissue their landmark 1973 album, ‘Live 73’. Recorded at the height of their powers with the classic line up of Byron, Box, Hensley, Kerslake, and Thain, ‘Live 73’ hit the Top 40 on the Billboard Top 200 and achieved RIAA GOLD certification. It has not been officially available on LP in the US for 25+ years. This exclusive Record Store Day version will be released as 2LP 180G Splatter Vinyl in a gatefold jacket and includes a period replica UK Tour Brochure. As a special bonus for fans, 50 tour brochures have been autographed by Mick Box and have been randomly inserted in the production run.

For information on the Record Store Day Exclusive release of Live 73:

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: When I did the first post about the reissues I said what needed to be known about my own experiences with the band and I’m revisiting that now since it still applies quite well “I have to admit that as much as I enjoy the bands material at this point in time, they were never a band that I followed during my formative years. I am not sure why this happened but I don’t think that I knew the folks that were diehards and hence no influence to my ears. Though Rock radio in NYC was thriving way back in the day I don’t recall hearing all that much Heep but perhaps I was listening to the wrong DJ Of course once I decided to become a scribe I made sure to review the occasional release and catch them whenever they played my metropolis and I have to say that they blew me away each and every time. They are a top recommendation to readers to go to see and its never too late to get into their earliest works thanks to this reissue program by BMG Music. I’ve embedded links for you to purchase them below and wonder what you readers think about this new initiative. Will you be filling in your own music library with these new editions? Let me know in the comments section below.”

I’ll add that when I heard W.A.S.P. doing “Easy Livin’” on their “Inside The Electric Circus” album I wanted to learn more but even then I was moving too slow to be of any help to their musical cause. It happens. I like to think that I’ve made up for lost time.

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