BMG Presents “Dio: Dreamers Never Die” Official Trailer

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The folks over at BMG have produced a documentary about the legendary Ronnie James Dio entitled “Dio: Dreamers Never Die” and you can check out the brief but Official Trailer down below. I’ve also included some of the folks who appear in the film and artwork. Raise those horns!!!

The Storyline: The first career spanning documentary on the heavy metal vocalist to be authorized by the artist’s estate includes scenes with peers, family and friends; never before seen footage; personal photos.

The Cast:
Vinny Appice
Sebastian Bach
Geezer Butler
Don Coscarelli
Ronnie James Dio
Wendy Dio
Lita Ford
Rob Halford
Tony Iommi
Damian Muziani
Sean Pelletier
Doug Sakmann
Eddie Trunk
Bill Ward

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: There isn’t really a lot to digest and speak about from this brief trailer but it sure does remind one of the greatness that was the legendary Ronnie James Dio. I was a fan from way back in the day when he fronted Rainbow and followed him into Black Sabbath, onto Dio and then Heaven and Hell. Like many other Metalheads, I was incredibly saddened by his passing and I will be seeing this documentary when it gets released. What about you readers? Any thoughts? See you next time, please keep on keeping safe out there.


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