Black Veil Brides @ Gramercy Theatre (10/18/2010)

Logo - Black Veil Brides

Artist: Black Veil Brides
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Motionless In White
Date: 10/18/2010
Label: Universal Music

This show came as a surprise for me because I had only heard the bands name before setting myself up as an interested Media scribe and I scratched my head at that when I actually saw the band that I was planning to see. Perhaps I should explain a little better, so here goes. For many years I have been a fan of the likes of KISS, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper and even most recently Wednesday 13 and from these names you should be forming the conclusion that image really seems to resonate in my own musical interests. That’s not a bad thing at all, it just means that I really want the bands that I see to take me away from the routine of a day to day life and be an escape. Once I got a glimpse of what the guys in Black Veil Brides looked like, I felt that they could be right up my alley.


The band had embarked on what was called the “Entertainment Or Death” tour and they were doing these dates with Motionless In White, a band that I had seen before as an opener for In This Moment. Sadly, a very hectic schedule that evening would prevent me from seeing Motionless In White but I am sure that they will be back again soon since they are making a considerable bit of noise among the fans. For me, this evening would only involve my observing what the Black Veil Brides were all about. The bands latest album is entitled “We Stitch These Wounds” and their sound is slightly Metalcore if you had to think of something immediate, but in addition to that there is a solid and classic Heavy Metal groove to it as well. The bands image is something that calls to mind the great Shock and Horror rockers of the past such as KISS, Alice Cooper and perhaps even Motley Crue. After a quick introduction the band was onstage and performing in a very exciting fashion. Lead singer Andy Six is a great front man and seems to know how to deal with the audience from the moment he gets out there. That is commendable in a performer who is apparently only twenty years of age. I immediately noticed how the band was made up of two guitarists and a drummer for this show and we wondered what had happened to their bassist. If I had heard correctly, Ashley Purdy, who handles that detail in the band had injured themselves and was unable to perform in the capacity that he likes. I was sure that this had to be weird for the rest of the band considering the fact that they seem to play off of one another during a show. Clearly Jinx and Jake were missing their partner in crime. Apparently this was also the NYC debut of the bands new drummer CC (or Christian Coma) who stepped into the job once done by Sandra Alvarenga. He sure sounded good at the job and was a real power hitter when it came down to it, so I am sure the fans would get used to him quickly.


The band seemed to be performing almost the entire “We Stitch These Wounds” album and I was okay with that since I was very new to them. During the albums title track, Andy Six decided to jump into the photo pit area to be right on top of the fans that were pressed against the barricade. They loved this and were reaching up and trying to grab him as he sang. Sometimes I think that the musicians realize that they will not get back on the stage too easily after this when it is too late but Six seemed to manage okay this time around. He is an entertainer and little delays are not going to stop him from giving you a good show. With ten songs in the nights set the show went quickly and I had to say that my favorites were the title track from the album along with the somber “Mortician’s Daughter” and the song “Perfect Weapon”. The latter number has a really cool video that properly showcases the bands image so please take a look for it.


The question remains would I see the Black Veil Brides again and I think that is a definite yes in my things to do list. I really enjoyed the fact that the band is image conscious and tries to present an actual identity for themselves as opposed to being five guys in a pack of thousands who look and dress the same. Based on their efforts to be different I really wish this band all the best and think that most fans of bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Escape The Fate, Bullet For My Valentine and others along those lines will enjoy them.


Full Black Veil Brides Photo Gallery:
Set List:
1. Never Give In
2. All Your Hate
3. We Stitch These Wounds
4. Children Surrender
5. Morticians Daughter
6. Beautiful Remains
7. Heaven’s Calling
8. Sweet Blasphemy
9. Knives And Pens
10. Perfect Weapon

Now its time to enjoy some of the other sights that are seen at shows in terms of the fans, the merchandise and other things that catch my fancy. Enjoy. Here’s the marquee of the venue that showcased the bands name in lights. Friends who had arrived earlier told me that the line for this gig had formed very early. That’s a great show of support and of course by doing so, those fans had the best spaces in the venue.

Start Your Week with the Black Veil Brides

Sadly I would miss the set by Motionless In White, but I did catch up with their singer Chris Motionless at the merchandise table downstairs in the lounge area.

Chris Motionless of Motionless In White

I tried to snap a shot of Chris flashing up the Metal horns, but I had messed with my camera setting and we instead got a darker shot.  Next time I will reshoot for good measure.


More Chris Motionless

Every now and again I try to snap some photos of the fans from the front barricade if I happen to strike up some interesting conversation with them or they are dressed in unique fashion.  It’s great to interact with the fans from time to time because I am selling the brand name after all and want them to see what PiercingMetal is all about and how its main goal is to keep them both informed and entertained.

These bunch of Brides fans were excited to see the band so how could I refuse them the chance of getting a picture snapped.  I loved how a bunch of them first made some heart shapes before giving me the standard and all too oft used Metal “horns”.   Dio would be proud of the continued use of this gesture.  What mattered most was that they were all having a fantastic time.  That is never a bad thing.


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