“Black Brick Road” by Lake Of Tears

Artist: Lake Of Tears
Title: “Black Brick Road”
Label: Noise Records
Release Date: 9/14/2004
Genre: Gothic Metal
Rating: 8/10

On first listen to Lake Of Tears CD “Black Brick Road” I had a little difficulty narrowing the genre down to one solid definition. I decided to take a stab at labeling it Gothic Metal, but it falls more along as Rock and Roll with a dark and Gothic edge. I really liked the CD and for a band that I am just gaining some exposure to I have to tell readers that it’s really impressive. The CD is loaded with interesting riffs and song structures and there are changes all around the piece that make it fresh and not repetitive. This CD had been hiding in a pile of submissions that came in and was oddly overlooked. On finding it I realized it was remaining in my changer to be listened to over and over again. Eventually a better definition came to me and that is “Gothic Rock & Roll” as it holds the general flavor and textures of both these genres. “The Greymen” is a pumping opener that uses a great keyboard riff and just works. Tracks like “Sister Sinister” had an almost Iggy Pop/N.Y. Dolls feel to it. “Dystopia” was more a danceable tune and “The Organ” was a creepy and brooding tune that had an almost Pink Floyd guitar feel at times. I venture to guess that perhaps I was seeing the building of “Dark Glam” as a genre of Rock music. The four piece Swedish group is comprised of Johan Oudhuis (drums), Mikael Larsson (bass), Daniel Brennare (vocals/guitar) and Magnus Sahlgren (lead guitar). They deliver a very solid sound on this well-produced record.

I find it interesting to see a lot of different styles of music coming from Sweden these days. No longer does it seem like thundering Power Metal bands are all the Country can produce. It is tossing so many different ideas into the mix and makes it for a new and refreshing aspect to the Country’s already massive output. Metal music continues to benefit on behalf of this part of Europe without any question. This is a recommended piece and can easily fit alongside bands like HIM or The 69 Eyes. I feel if you like their brand of Gothic Rock that this group would also meet your criteria. Try some samples and see for yourself.

Track Listing:
1. The Greymen
2. Making Evenings
3. Black Brick Road
4. Dystopia
5. The Organ
6. A Trip With The Moon
7. Sister Sinister
8. Rainy Day Away
9. Crazyman

Official Web site: www.LakeOfTears.net

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