Big Apple Comic Con Announces Free Convention In Greenpoint, Brooklyn – 5/22/2021

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May is here and day by day the world moves closer to opening up more and more places. Well, I mean NYC is getting back on track while other places have been opened up already for weeks. Let’s face it, we are a complex animal here in the Big Apple but that being said, its awesome to find our friends over at the Big Apple Comic Con announcing this free convention. Take a look.

big apple comic con

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve said it before and I will repeat myself here because I miss the live music and convention scene something fierce and since everything that I was going to do last year was cancelled, I sure do look forward to things coming back. However, with that being said I am not mentally “there” yet and worry more about those who were not being cautious and protecting themselves and those around them. I still have time to decide and you do as well if you are in the region but I will be considering heading to this event on the 22nd. It’s in my Grandmother’s old neighborhood and also the place where we attend the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and the Five Points Festival and I just love being in the area when I can get there. Chime in down below with what you think and I will see you next time. Thanks for reading as always and I will see you next time.

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