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Better Noise Films: “The Retaliators” Official Trailer

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Most of the Metal fans know the Better Noise Music record label for notable artists such as Papa Roach and Bad Wolves among many others but they are still learning about the cinemic side of the fence known as Better Noise Films. They’ve given us a few films already with one being that Motley Crue story called “The Dirt” which was based on the bands best-selling biography and now they are dipping more into the Horror side of the fence with a release called “The Retaliators”. Since I’m upping the Horror content game in our Pop Culture features I am pleased to share the films first trailer. Check it out down below along with some casting and artwork.

The Premise: An upstanding pastor uncovers a dark and twisted underworld as he searches for answers surrounding his daughter’s brutal murder.

The Cast and Characters:
Michael Lombardi as Bishop
Marc Menchaca as Jed
Joseph Gatt as Ram Kady
Katie Kelly as Sarah
Abbey Hafer as Rebecca Bishop
Jacoby Shaddix as Quinn Brady
Brian O’Halloran as Obnoxious Guy at XMas Tree Place
Shannan Wilson as Debbie
Zoltan Bathory as Fang
Ivan L. Moody as Vic
Chris Kael as Decker
Cree Kelly as Aunt Jody
Meghan Noone as Bishop’s Wife
Tommy Lee as Strip Club DJ
Corrie Graham as April
Gigi Gustin as Cynthia
Sarah Nicklin as Emily
Craig Mabbitt as Arlo Garcia
Amanda Lyberg as Erica
Spencer Charnas as Max
Dominic Costa as Officer Kelly
Brian Gallagher as Police Officer

Additional Cast: Bryan Alvarez, Anna Alimani, Michael Antonio, Angelina Aucello, Kevin D. Benton, Matt Brandyberry, Kristoffe Brodeur, Robert John Burke, Danny Case, Aaron Dalla Villa, Lance Dowdle, Sandra Fantasia, Bobby Favoretto, Jeff Fuell, Nyamjantsan Jaya Galsanjamts, River Geare, Rachel Hilbert, Jason Hook, Natalie Kline, Kristopher Kling, Robert Knepper, Ari Loeb, Mat Madiro, Gemma McIlhenny, Reno Muren, Billy Patterson, Whitney Peyton, Madison Schwartz, Tuk Smith, Skyler Stone, Brian Tronieri, Melanie Waldman, Marc Schwarz

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: While I don’t always catch the latest Horror films when they come to be released I am a fan of the genre but not too much of the “revenge” stuff. This trailer is strong for sure and probably not recommended for the squeamish and while I don’t fall into that category I will likely be waiting on a home video release since nowadays I am only venturing out to the cinema to see the Marvel Studios stuff. I am excited for the soundtrack since it shows to have a number of the Better Noise artists presented on it and that’s always fun to include a review of. That’s all I have for this trailer but know that I will add any additional ones to the content should they be released. As I wrap up and press publish on this one I wonder what you out there in the readership think about it all. Will you be checking this film out or will you be taking a pass? Chime in down below so we know you are out there and I will see you again soon. Please stay safe out there.

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