Bella Morte @ Knitting Factory (10/8/2008)

Metropolis Records’ own Bella Morte was doing a gig at The Knitting Factory and the interesting thing was that we were hanging around upstairs for the Watain show this very same evening. Lucky for us, the set times being so different, we were able to do reviews of both bands. Those interested in this Gothic Metal band can scroll past the logo below to be brought to the article.

Artist: Bella Morte
Venue: Knitting Factory: The Tap Room (New York, NY)
Opener: unknown
Date: 10/8/2008
Label: Metropolis Records

I caught Bella Morte recently when they were performing as the direct support for Gorgeous Frankenstein on the bands brief summer tour and if you are a Horror Punk fan that doesn’t know about them, well let me pause briefly to bring you up to speed. Gorgeous Frankenstein is an outfit that features former Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein as one of their roster and if you dig that brand of stuff then they are a recommendation. That particular show took place at the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, a venue where I often feel that I have taken up residence and what I enjoyed most about it was that it gave me the chance to see some bands that had escaped my notice up until that day. One of these bands was Bella Morte and this brings us to this article that you are currently reading.

Tonight’s Bella Morte gig would be at the Knitting Factory and more specifically the venues downstairs club which they call “The Tap Room” and this is the perfect space for a group that knows that a couple of hundred of their devoted fans will come out to see them. Having been to the sub-basement “Old Office” space as well, I had to say that I prefer The Tap Room to that one and even sometimes to the main space depending on who is performing. The lower space is more suitable to a jazz ensemble or a singer/guitarist/percussionist outfit as opposed to a heavy band of any kind. The interesting thing about tonight for me was that I was in the venue to see the band Watain perform in the Main Space along with some other Black Metal bands but when I discovered that Bella Morte would be doing a set right downstairs I was able to swing back and forth between rooms in order to report on it for their fans. The timing of this was perfect because the band was just at the moment of releasing their brand new album “Bella Morte” on Metropolis Records. The album while a self-titled release is of course Latin for “beautiful death” and based on what I have heard from it, this is guaranteed to please the existing fans of this Dark Wave meets Gothic Rock band.

While I admit to being rather new to them and not as much the study of the Dark Wave vibe as I would have normally liked to be I had to say that this is a band that truly kicks some ass in the live sense. They are fronted by Andy Deane, a singer who seems as passionate about his fans as he is about the music he is delivering. As far as his talents, well he manages to blend in a couple of styles by being both the growler and melodic vocalist as often as the material requires him to be and he frequently interacts with the audience much to their delight. The set sounded solid and they were rather energetic as they delivered what appeared to be a number of new songs blended in with their older staples. The set list appeared to have about 16 or so tunes on it but the band would shorten that by a few and find them leaving out “Haunted”, “Evensong”, and “As The Storm Unfolds” but from the reaction of the crowd they didn’t seem to mind. The crowd who did attend was very into what the guys were doing, but there were not as many of them as I had seen assembled for the guys when they played with Gorgeous Frankenstein. Apparently this gig was not listed on the venue calendar or had been announced as cancelled. It was something to that effect and in the end would cost many who wanted to come and rock not being present. My best advice is if you ever hear stuff that comes off as possibly a last minute drastic change that you call the venue or contact whoever maintains the bands MySpace page. The Tap Room is a really nice room to see a band like Bella Morte in because it allows for numerous levels of intimacy with the stage being so close to the area where the fans can assemble.

The band also had the new release on sale this evening and that went over well as those who picked up a copy were able to have the guys sign it, and no one in the band seemed to mind doing that. There were also a lot of personal photo opportunities presented and with the maintainable crowd I observed that anyone who wanted their photo taken with one of the band members was able to get that done. The night closed out for Bella Morte after about a forty five minute set and as the room cleared I noticed that the members of Hanzel Und Gretyl were in attendance as well. Bella Morte is a label mate of theirs so it was cool to see them coming out to support one of their colleagues in music. Make sure you check these guys out soon and try to grab the CD when you hit a gig; they definitely are good at what they do and offer a little bit for various kinds of rockers.

1. Eternal
2. Another Way
3. Torn
4. Ghost Land
5. 1000 Days
6. Find Forever Gone
7. On The Edge
8. The End Ahead
9. In The Dirt
10. Black Seas Collide
11. Christina
12. Fades Like A Song

The show also found both Vas Kallas and Kaiser von Loopy of Hanzel und Gretyl present and after the show we snapped a photo of them with one of the Bella Morte dudes and a charming young lady who said her name was Maddy.

Hanzel und Gretyl; present & accounted for

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