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Behold Eluveitie’s “Epona” Official Video

A lot has gone on in the world of Folk Metal sensations Eluveitie since we last witnessed their unique brand of musical assault and if you’ve been a fan for any longer period of time and are not up to date, then the musicians you see in the first clip from their upcoming album will be a bit of a mystery to you. Yeah it seems as though a number of the favorites have gone on to other adventures and as someone who has loved them since the “Slania” days can say with truth that I look forward to hearing their next chapter. Speaking of next chapter, Eluveitie is back with an album that will be called “Evocation II: Pantheon” and it will come from their longtime label Nuclear Blast Records. I’ve embedded the video clip for “Epona” below.

About The Clip: The clip was shot in an area of Switzerland called Aventicum and was directed by Jason Sereftug-Borruso. The main actors are Terence Carron (soldier) and Epona (Skadi Rosehurst) while the battling armies are members of the historical reenactment group Viviskes

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Though I will miss the members who have moved on, I am one who says that the only constant is change and this is very true when it comes to music. So as I’ve done in the past these are only thoughts about the clip and not the song but I will admit that I loved this new track and found it very energetic and rousing. This clip was cool and finds the new members of the band performing in the forest while a raging battle is going on. The battle is care of a troupe that does this kind of thing and can be compared to the Civil War players that we see at historical sites around our USA for that war and on other related national holidays. The visuals of this one are pretty gripping and intense but there is no gore to worry about. The band members with the most prominence in the clip are of course the founder Chrigel and violinist Nicole Ansberger and lead singer Fabienne Erni and her voice just resonates in this track but again we are only discussing the clip. While I don’t want to spoil the outcome of the short clip, it is of a battle and usually those only end in one manner and with the soldier we followed through it he finds his destination path leads to Epona. I didn’t know this goddess off the top of my head and did some research to find that she is the goddess of horses and abundance. She takes the soldier off into the hereafter and overall this was a pretty solid clip. It delivered the story well and made me very interested in the new material by Eluveitie. I’ll be back in a day or so with a better single overview.

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