Batten Down The Hatches; The Tsunami Fest Is Coming In September 29th & 30th

I have rarely seen an event so appropriately named. Presenting the “East Coast Tsunami Fest 2012”, an event that is bringing together the giants of the Hardcore music scene for two incredible days of music at the end of September…..The event is being held in Reading, PA and while that is out of our usual coverage range I did want to make sure to share the press information about it with you all since many of our readers will travel great distances for shows.

You best lace those boots up tight for this one and bring a change of clothes along as well because you’re going to need them after this full throttle Hardcore assault gets finished with you. The roster appears to feature many seminal bands to the NYHC movement and check out who’s playing….

Saturday, September 29th: Biohazard, Cro-Mags, Vision Of Disorder, One Life Crew, DRI, The Casualties, /Strength For A Reason, No Turning Back, THe Mongoloids, Vehement Serenade, Choose Your Weapon, Bottomfeeder, Reason To Fight, PLeasant Living, Ante Up, X Sluggernaut X,

Sunday, September 30th: Sick Of It All, H20, Agnostic Front, Madball, Animal Haus, Backtrack, DYS, Dysphobia, Born Low, Lifeless, Sai Nam, Sicker Than Most, Not Till Death, Homewrecker.

Tickets are on sale now via

If there is any reason for you to need to get a little refresher course in some of these bands, I have embedded some links for you to get that all in order. Dig in.

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