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“Basically”/”N.I.B.” Live (Single) by Black Sabbath

Artist: Black Sabbath
Title: “Basically/N.I.B.” Live (Single)
Label: Eagle Records
Release Date: 11/2/2017
Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

I guess it was only a few short weeks ago that I tossed together some thoughts on the “Paranoid” live single that the legendary Black Sabbath delivered as a teaser taste from their upcoming live album “The End”. As you should know by now, the band has closed the book on their storied career and will deliver this to the fans as a parting gift in some fashion. With two weeks or so left before the album’s release, we get the second live single “Bassically”/”N.I.B.” and I am here to speak about it because why not. Here we go.

I’m smiling since a friend recently teased me about reviewing a single for a live album from Sabbath since any Metal fan worth their salt would know everything that they need to and I simply had to say that with a website such as this one, the more content the better and when it comes to Black Sabbath he should just sit down and be quiet. That said we are here at the latest single which begins with some quality Geezer Butler riffing (hence “Bassically” since it’s a brief bass solo). The man sure has inspired legions of four string slingers and as you listen to this live introduction to “N.I.B.” its easy to see why this is the case. As far as “NIB” is concerned, its one of the most commonly covered tracks out there when a band decides to do Black Sabbath. Over the years I’ve heard many do this one, and even the great Type O Negative did this so many years ago during a live tour. It’s one of those perfect riff tracks and you should be nodding in agreement here because I’ll have no debate on this one. Fluid riffs and thundering crunch. Nicely composed Mr. Iommi. I am now drooling for the live release and should get my pre-order in just to be sure I have one fast. Though I don’t think another single will come this close to release, if they toss one our there I will think of something to say about it.

Track Listing:
1. Basically/N.I.B. – Live

Official Website:

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