“Baptizm Of Fire” by Glenn Tipton

Artist: Glenn Tipton
Title: “Baptizm Of Fire”
Label: Rhino Records
Release Date: 3/7/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 7/10

When Glenn Tipton first recorded and released his solo album “Baptizm Of Fire” Judas Priest was not as active and I think as a result the support given his efforts were on the dismal side. Now courtesy of Rhino Records we are able to treat the album with a little more respect as it finds Glenn with a rejuvenated Priest and new Metal from the Gods of the genre. The time was right to not only re-issue the debut with some bonus tracks but also to release for the first time the album that was supposed to be out first. The record featured legends Cozy Powell and John Entwistle and is reviewed elsewhere on these pages. On “Baptizm” Glenn gave us a solid collection of Hard Rock which was not exactly Judas Priest like but can appeal to his fans in the band just the same. The veteran axe slinger is very adept and some of the tunes on this record rock. The music is heavy yet not really Metal which in the end shows a little more diversity to his talents. The instrumental title track is perhaps the best of the songs, and “Enter The Storm” with its strong and slow power was a repeat number in my changer. Glenn also does a decent version of The Rolling Stone classic “Paint It Black”, but if you ask me the best cover ever done was by W.A.S.P.

The cast of players on the release are numerous and include John Entwistle, Cozy Powell, Robert Trujillo, Brooks Wackerman, C.J. DeVillar, Shannon Larkin, Billy Sheehan, Don Airey, Neil Murray and a few others. An all-star lineup to say the least with Tipton himself singing all the songs and not doing a terrible job at it. You cannot expect Halford from him, but Glenn does have a decent voice. Fans of solid Hard Rock and of Tipton’s guitar work will enjoy this more than some others but I feel there is a little bit of something on this for most fans. A full-color booklet that features lyrics and a bunch of photos of Glenn is included with the release. The re-issue also has a cleaner production than I remember the original having.

Track Listing:
1. Hard Core
2. Paint It Black
3. Enter The Storm
4. Fuel Me Up
5. Extinct
6. Baptizm Of Fire
7. The Healer
8. Cruise Control
9. Kill Or Be Killed
10. Voodoo Brother
11. Left For Dead
12. Himalaya
13. New Breed

Official Web site: www.glenntipton.co.uk

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