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Bandai America Reveals “Ultimate Luminous Gundam” and “Gundam Infinity” Line

The Press Release:
Paying homage to past and present Mobile Suit Gundam models, Bandai America is proud to introduce the Ultimate Luminous Gundam and Gundam Infinity figure line, launching Fall 2021 and open for pre-orders NOW! Taking the most iconic Mobile Suits from the Gundam universe, the Gundam Infinity collection features a collectible line of 4.5-inch, highly detailed figures with over 14 points of articulation, battle-ready accessories, and interchangeable parts. Gundam fans can either customize parts from different generations of Gundams to create units of their own or model their figures as they’re purchased.

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For passionate collectors looking for an exclusive model, Gundam Infinity figures include one extra Gundam piece, used to construct the classic MS-06F Zaku Mobile Suit with light-up LED features. This model is not sold in stores, and can only be accessed by collecting all Gundam Infinity figures.

toy images, bandai, bandai america, gundam

Fans looking for highly-detailed Mobile Suits can find the Ultimate Luminous Gundam collection, featuring four poseable 4-inch figures. All four collectible figures include LED lights and each Mobile Suits’ signature weapons as attachable accessories, such as the RX-78-2 Gundam figure’s Beam Sabre or rifle (depending on which version fans choose), and the MS-06S Zaku II’s rifle or Heat Hawk for close-quarters combat.

The Details:
MSRP: $9.99-$12.99
On-shelf Date: Fall 2021
Availability: Amazon and Gamestop amongst others
Age: 15+

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: These are pretty sweet and something I’d likely look into purchasing because not only is there a nice variety of figures but the price point is very nice. Nowadays you find the “Star Wars” and assorted Marvel figures running you upwards of $20 and while that’s perfectly fine, sometimes you need to monitor that credit card use. Though I don’t own any Gundam things at the moment, I am a big fan of giant robots and can proudly age myself by saying that I owned a few of the giant Shogun Warriors figures. That being said, I hope that this continues the practice of more awesome Bandai items being made available here in the states. If I can judge what I usually see at Toy Fair, they have a lot of awesome that collectors on this side of the pond would surely enjoy but that’s all I have to say about this. What do you fellow geek-minded collectors think about this news and the provided visuals? Chime in down below and I will see you again soon. Stay safe out there.


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