Backyard Babies @ North Six (2/5/2005)

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Artist: Backyard Babies
Venue: The North Six (Brooklyn NY)
Opener: unsigned acts
Label: Liquor and Poker Music
Date: 2-24-2005

Sweden’s Grammy Award winning rock group the “Backyard Babies” took an off night from their tour supporting Social Distortion to make a pit stop at the North Six club located in Williamsburg Brooklyn recently. I have to admit that adventuring out to the show in the middle of a treacherous snowstorm to see them and to absorb the surroundings of a new club made the night kick off to an interesting start. The evening was set to be full of high-energy Rock and Roll in the style of Clash and Sex Pistols with kick ass numbers and exciting stage personality from each of the performing bands. As a matter of fact, each group kicked up the level of performance a notch. I was fortunate to meet the support team for the group on the tour bus and I teased them that they brought the snow from Sweden. New York was getting more of it than back home we were told.

The Backyard Babies would be supporting their newest release “Tinnitus”, which is coming out under the Liquor & Poker Music (a subsidiary of Century Media Records) in April. As I glanced over the set list and later compared this against the CD, I realized that all but two numbers would be featured tonight. The other great aspect for the fans was the chance to see the group perform a longer set than would be given them while they were openers. The North Six club is down almost to the Waterfront in Brooklyn and surrounded by shops and restaurants. The area itself is undergoing a new Renaissance, and fans of music who might be visiting NYC would do well to make it over there to see a show of some kind if all possible. It has a decent sized stage and good sound system. The staff is also very accommodating.

Opening the night was “Odd Zero” a catchy power punk group with a very nice sound. Following them was “Dirt Bike Annie” who I was particularly impressed with. The group can best be thought of as a unique extension of the sound done by the likes of Blink 182 and Green Day, when you add the whirling dervish that is guitar player Jeanie Lee it takes an interesting turn. I look forward to seeing them again.

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After a short break, the Backyard Babies came on. The show was added a short 7 days before and combine this with the snowstorm I was happy to report that the venue still had about 120 people in attendance. I am sure barring the conditions that more would have ventured out to enjoy this comfortable setting for these guys. Clearly the off night was something the guys wanted to do for they exploded on the stage when they began. It was straight ahead rocking with limited stage banter, except the time to crack a few jokes with the crowd. My photographer and I were able to capture some great moments of this show on film. The band truly seemed to be getting a kick out of this treatment and rock starred even more at times. It was a lot of fun to be able to record the moment in time. This was the bands first visit to Brooklyn after all. Not one person was a stranger to their music as everyone was jumping and bopping and singing along their catchy choruses. Nicke is a great front man, sure of himself and presents it yet the real craziness was dealt out by guitar player Dregen. He is a maniac on the guitar and the stage, running allover and being very in the audience faces with his playing. To the delight of the crowd he leaned over them and he plays the energy exudes from him. I even got his guitar pick. I have to give credit to Johann and Peder as well for the rhythm section work. Johann pretty much just hangs out and holds it together while Peder slams the kit like a punk rock John Bonham.

backyard babies, backyard babies live photos

Backyard Babies is definitely a band who enjoys their audience and it shows in their performance. The set included not one but four encores. It is my hope they return to the City for some more dates soon. Any fans of the Social Distortion or old Dolls/Hanoi Rocks sound will love these guys. Good fist pumping, beer drinking rock and roll. I was happy to be part of the fun.

backyard babies, backyard babies live photos

Set List:
1. Minus Celsius
2. Brand New Hate
3. Earn The Crown
4. Heaven 2.9
5. Powderhead
6. A Song For the Outcast
7. Highlights
8. The Clash
9. Made Me Madman
10. Please Please
11. Year By Year
12. Payback
13. One Sound
14. Star War – encore
15. Everybody Ready – encore
16. UFO Romeo – encore
17. Look At You – encore

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