BabyMetal Prepped To Invade NYC With Metal & Cute In November 2014

Tour - Baby Metal - 2014

Baby Metal is a quickly growing musical phenomenon that hails from Japan and had apparently only started up about two years ago. I actually first heard of them thanks to the guys at Metal Sucks who seemed fascinated by their existence and when I investigated for myself I found three absolutely adorable Japanese singers/dancers whose names are Moametal, Su-Metal and Yuimetal respectively. Behind them is a crushing Metal band of players and the show that they have on hand is not too far off from a KISS experience in terms of the special effects they employ. They recently opened up the Lady Ga Ga shows but since I did not attend those I cannot offer up anything more than “if GaGa thinks they’re good enough it might be worthy of a larger analysis. Earlier today I learned that the group will be headlining a show at the famous Hammerstein Ballroom and this event appears to be the only East Coast appearance. It seems like a great way to start off your November.

Tour Dates:
Nov. 4, 2014 – New York, NY @ Hammerstein Ballroom

This will be the second Japanese artist to do a one night only show as October finds us getting a bigger than ever performance by X Japan who will be headlining in October only a few weeks before this gig. I hope to be a part of this show so I can bring you the full scoop in photos and words because the event surely seems visual. To get more of an idea about what to expect you can watch the following video link for their song “Gimme Chocolate”. Not the heaviest of a Metal song title for sure but wait until you hear and see it to make judgment. The link to their official website will lead you to purchasing tickets in advance of this very likely to sell out event. Oh yes and if you cannot understand what they are saying that is most likely based on you’re not speaking any Japanese. I got by so I am sure you can as well.

Official Website:

I could only find a link for one of the bands album as an Import so that will have to suffice if you are curious about them. So what do you think? Will you be checking out this special event in NYC?

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