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Attention: Today Is Bandcamp Friday (2/3/2023)

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Greetings my music minded friends and welcome to February. It’s super cold here in New York City and if you trust the Groundhogs prediction, we are set to have another six weeks of winter. If you view that as utter hogwash since the animal is not a meteorologist I say relax because its a lot of fun thinking that this is actually the reason for the weather changes. So here we are at another one of those “Bandcamp Friday” announcements and this is the very first one for the 2023 year. Last year I pointed out that we’ve taken the page out of the book of some of the other websites that we know and since this actually helps the artists out I’ve decided to make it a regular thing. I also said that this kind of news might be better served over on the Ken Pierce Media site, but since this is aimed at the music side of the fence I run them on for now. Maybe the next one will be over there. Who knows but I digress. So here is a final reminder that the Bandcamp company being acquired by Epic Games (discussed HERE) and while that is some seriously big news I was stoked to find them leaving this particular angle alone. So what is Bandcamp Friday you might ask if you are one of our newbie site visitors, let’s review just what this is shall we?

What Is Bandcamp Friday: Bandcamp Fridays allow artists and labels releasing music to take back 93% of the money earned through sales, with the other 7% being used for processing fees and charges. Launched on the first Friday of March in 2020, Bandcamp Fridays normally take place on one Friday a month (usually the first).

Here is how I like to work this kind of post and make it help the artist out. In our comments we welcome any musician, songwriter, spoken word dude or dudette and even comedians to share their Bandcamp as a link along with a brief note about your sound and style. Those who have entered comments know that you have to put your name and list an email that is not public but one of the things that isn’t mandatory is the entry of a website URL. If you are a performer you should use that space to enter your Official Facebook, Website, or YouTube Channel since those are the most popular ways to reach the masses. If you’re only using Twitter and Instagram or even TikTok for your art I guess put that main link in as well instead of the others. This way anyone that sees it might be compelled to follow their curiosity a little bit and lend you some love. Sadly, no one has really chosen to leave such comments in but that won’t stop me from posting this news as the more you do it the more the audience will get the picture about it. People tend to be comment shy when its not about giving away free tickets or music I guess. It’s my hope that these kinds of posts help you make the most profit on this particular day. Remember also that in addition to enjoying the possibilities from our readership that you are also making our Editorial Command HQ aware of you as well. So I should also stress this one important side note. If you see this post after the Bandcamp Friday has passed you can still put in your comments with the subsequent links and information because a website post remains online for the lifespan of the site. Maybe someone will see that and click through and save you for the next Bandcamp Friday or just be spontaneous and purchase immediately. Wrapping this up I want to address one more thing. If you are an artist and are vexed by which link to place in the comment because you have too many, consider using the Linktree service. It’s free and I’ve got one for each of the websites I maintain. There is one for PiercingMetal, The Chronicles of Piercing Ken and Ken Pierce Media. They let you rundown a lengthy list of networks in one space and its super easy to use once you get started. That’s all I have for now, so please remember to support your favorite artists if they are on Bandcamp. See you next time, please stay safe out there.


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