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Attention: Today Is Bandcamp Friday (12/2/2022)

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Greetings my music minded friends and if I’ve not yet said so in another network, “Welcome To December” and what amounts to the final “Bandcamp Friday” for 2022. For the last few months I’ve taken a card out of some of the other websites deck and done this kind of post to help broadcast this cool initiative. While a news alert like this one would be better suited for the Ken Pierce Media site, since this is aimed at the music side of the fence I run them on for the duration. Legacy readers will likely remember our discussing how Bandcamp was acquired by Epic Games but for the newbies they should click HERE to be on point with the not so latest news. Since we are approaching the “Season of Giving”, I think its super important to send readers to the Bandcamp service to help support the music they love so much. Let’s review just what this is shall we?

What Is Bandcamp Friday: Bandcamp Fridays allow artists and labels releasing music to take back 93% of the money earned through sales, with the other 7% being used for processing fees and charges. Launched on the first Friday of March in 2020, Bandcamp Fridays normally take place on one Friday a month (usually the first).

Now what I have found to be the best way to help out with this kind of post about “Bandcamp Friday” is to invite any artist with a profile that wants to use our voice as one of their rallys to comment in down where that is possible to do so with their own Bandcamp link and to add a few words about what kind of music they play. Those who have commented know that when you do a comment you need to put your real name, an email address and an optional website. The way I see this working is any member of the band can do that and link their real website in along with a contact for fans or other media as well. Truth be told I’ve not seen any comments so far but I was very new to posting about this and see they are reaching people from the statistics. I guess more people are comment shy when its not about giving away free tickets or music these days. Creatively speaking you can be Metal, Hard Rock, Progressive, Punk and even Alternative because the skies the limits on the music you play. Hell if you have a good comedy set or some interesting Atmospheric content I want to be able to check it out as well. We just want to have this outlet help you along since you can make the most profit on this particular day. Please don’t forget that in addition to enjoying the possibilities from our readership that you are also making our Editorial Command HQ aware of you as well. One thing I’d also like to stress is to those who might see this post after the Bandcamp Friday has passed. You can still put in your comments with the subsequent links and information because a website post remains online for the lifespan of the site. Maybe someone will see this and click through and save you for the next Bandcamp Friday or just be spontaneous and purchase immediately for the holidays. It’s time for me to wrap this one up once again and I will keep on posting these as they begin arriving in the upcoming 2023 year. I’m hoping that the plan is to keep this running strong despite the new ownership heading towards one year now. Let’s see what happens. At this point I will even ask fans of something to place their thoughts in since every little bit helps. That’s all I have for now, so please remember to support your favorite artists if they are on Bandcamp. Though we still have weeks to go before all the holidays begin I hope you are on a good path for them. I’m very appreciative of you choosing to peruse our little entertainment world. See you next time, please stay safe out there.


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