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Attention: Today Is Bandcamp Friday (10/7/2022)

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Hey there my Friends, so today is what is referred to as “Bandcamp Friday” and you might, just might remember that I shared the news about the network being acquired by Epic Games back in March (seen HERE ICYMI). Now while I have not done as much as I should have for this particular event with the website reach I am trying my best to make up for the lost time and before we continue along let’s review just what “Bandcamp Friday” actually is.

What Is Bandcamp Friday: Bandcamp Fridays allow artists and labels releasing music to take back 93% of the money earned through sales, with the other 7% being used for processing fees and charges. Launched on the first Friday of March in 2020, Bandcamp Fridays normally take place on one Friday a month (usually the first).

Now I am going to repeat exactly what I said on my last go-round in a post like this one with some slight edits for good measure. Now that you all know what “Bandcamp Friday” is I guess the best way to help promote any artists that are using this service is to say “Hey Bands!!! If you are on Bandcamp please comment down below with your link and a couple of words about the music you play. Also, you don’t only have to be a Metal band because I’d love to hear from the Punk, Progessive, Power and Hard Rockers that are out there as well. Even the more conventional, traditional Rock counts as well. Anything that will let our readers be in your corner a little more. This is my second try at this kind of post and I surely don’t mind making this a monthly initiativeI’m going to try and keep up with this sort of news when each one rolls around and make it one of our general announcements. Let’s bring it on my music minded friends and followers. Support those artists on a day when they can actually make some scratch and buy new equipment or merch and pay for gas on those treks onto the road from gig to gig. One thing I added as a PS the last time but now I will make it a part of the text. If you should see this after the Bandcamp Friday please still post your content because this post lives on and doesn’t get lost in a stream of endless social media posts. It never hurts to have another placeholder to ones music. See you next time, please stay safe out there.


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