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Last month (give or take a couple of weeks), we lined out the nominations for the Harvey Awards, a prestigious honor in the comic book industry dedicated to the late great Harvey Kurtzman. I’ll add the information about this particular honor down below, but here are the recently announced winners. Let’s take a look.

Winners of the 2019 Harvey Awards:

Book of the Year:
“Belonging: A German Reckons with History and Home” by Nora Krug (Scribner)
“Berlin” by Jason Lutes (Drawn & Quarterly)
“BTTM FDRS” by Ezra Claytan Daniels and Ben Passmore (Fantagraphics)
WINNER – “Hey Kiddo” by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (Scholastic Graphix)
“Kid Gloves” by Lucy Knisley (First Second)
“Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me” by Mariko Tamaki and Rosemary Valero-O’Connell (First Second)
“My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies” by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Image)
“On a Sunbeam” by Tillie Walden (First Second)
“Upgrade Soul” by Ezra Claytan Daniels (Lion Forge)
“When I Arrived at the Castle” by Emily Carroll (Koyama Press)

Digital Book of the Year:
WINNER – “Check, Please” by Ngozi Ukazu
“Space Boy” by Stephen McCranie
“The Contradictions” by Sophie Yanow
“The Nibedited” by Matt Bors
“Woman World” by Aminder Dhaliwal

Best Children’s or Young Adult Book:
“Hey Kiddo” by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (Scholastic Graphix)
WINNER – “Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me” by Mariko Tamaki and Rosemary Valero-O’Connell (First Second)
“Mr. Wolf’s Class #2: Mystery Club” by Aron Nels Steinke (Scholastic Graphix)
“New Kid” by Jerry Craft (HarperCollins Children’s Books)
“On a Sunbeam” by Tillie Walden (First Second)

Best Manga:
“Frankenstein: Junji Ito Story Collection” by Junji Ito (VIZ Media)
“Mob Psycho 100” by ONE (Dark Horse Manga)
WINNER – “My Hero Academia” by Kohei Horikoshi (VIZ Media)
“Our Dreams at Dusk” by Yuhki Kamatani (Seven Seas)
“Smashed” by Junji Ito (VIZ Media)
“Witch Hat Atelier” by Kamome Shirahama (Kodansha Comics)

Best European Book:
“Corto Maltese” by Hugo Pratt (IDW Publishing)
“O Josephine” by Jason (Fantagraphics)
“Radiant” by Tony Valente (VIZ Media)
“Red Ultramarine” by Manuele Fior, translated by Jamie Richards (Fantagraphics)
WINNER – “Waves” by Ingrid Chabbert and Carole Maurel (Archaia)

Best Comics Adaptation Award:
“Alita: Battle Angel”, by 20th Century Fox, based on Battle Angel Alita (Kodansha USA)
“Avengers: Endgame” by Marvel Studios, based on The Avengers (Marvel Comics)
“The Boys” by Amazon Studios, based on The Boys (Dynamite Entertainment)
“Captain Marvel” by Marvel Studios, based on Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics)
“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, by Netflix, based on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Archie Comics)
“Doom Patrol” by DC Universe, based on Doom Patrol (DC Comics)
“Marvel’s Spider-Man” by Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive, based on Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)
“The Snagglepuss Chronicles”, by Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival and Die-Cast, based on Exit, Stage Left!: The Snagglepuss Chronicles (DC Comics)
WINNER – “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation, based on Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)
“The Umbrella Academy” by Netflix, based on The Umbrella Academy (Dark Horse Comics)

The Harvey Awards honor achievement in comic books across a variety of categories and represent one of the industry’s most prestigious and longest-running annual events. The nomination ballot for this year’s awards was assembled by polling a hand-picked committee of diverse industry professionals who submitted their choices in all categories. If you are a professional who has not attended a ReedPOP event or received an invitation to vote, you may participate in voting for this year’s Harvey Awards by clicking here.

About Harvey Kurtzman and the Harvey Awards:
Harvey Kurtzman (1924–1993), legendary creator of MAD and ranked among the most influential American satirists, was known for his visionary ideas and skills that encompassed author, artist, designer, and editor—and his use of those talents in some capacity in almost every project he was involved in. Now in its 31st year, the Harvey Awards are one of the comic book industry’s longest-running events. The Awards, which are named after Kurtzman, honor achievement in cartooning and comic art across a variety of categories, including Book of the Year, Best Children’s or Young Adult Book, and Best Manga Title. Since 2016, the Harvey Awards Steering Committee has been co-chaired by Nellie Kurtzman, John Lind, and Chip Mosher. Eden Miller and Chris D’Lando serve as the Harvey Awards coordinators.

About ReedPOP:
ReedPOP is a boutique group within Reed Exhibitions – the world’s leading events organizer. Launched in 2006, the group has become the number one producer of pop culture events across the globe as well as a full-service digital content provider and media company. Delivering once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences curated specifically for localized audiences, ReedPOP currently features events in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, India, Africa, and Australia, including: New York Comic Con (NYCC); Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2); PAX West, East, South and Australia; Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC);MCM Comic Con; BookCon; Oz Comic Con; Eurogamer Expo (EGX); Comic Con India;Comic Con Paris;Comic Con Seoul; Comic Con Africa; Star Wars Celebration; and ComplexCon. In addition to organizing and managing events, ReedPOP also runs and operates the Gamer Network and its portfolio of leading gaming websites including Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and GamesIndustry.Biz. The staff at ReedPOP are a fan-based, globally focused group of professionals that are uniquely qualified to build and serve the communities with whom they share a common passion. (

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: As mentioned in my rundown of the nominations, I didn’t know a lot of them off the top of my geeky head outside of a couple of the Manga mentioned and everything in the “Best Comics Adaptation” list but that is fine. Though I do comprehensive award show rundowns on “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken”, the more geek-centric stuff will reside here for good measure since its right in line with the interests of a number of our Pop Culture narratives. What did you think of this list and are you excited for more content of this type going forward? We’ve been at these for a while now and really enjoy helping to raise your awareness. See you next time.

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