Anime NYC Reveals Official 2021 Event Poster

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Hey my friends out there in the Mangaverse, I’m here with a very quick broadcast and now I also wonder if that’s a title I should actually coin since I wrote it down. So as you might expect, the excitement is at an all time high with the news that the Anime NYC convention will return as an in-person event at the Javits Center after being forced to go virtual because of the pandemic back in 2020. I’m here today to help showcase the Official Event Poster and voila, here it is……(queue dramatic music).

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That’s some kind of cool poster isn’t it? Now I am not sure how many of you in the readership have ever attended this particular convention but its very nicely laid out. If you are an Anime and Manga fan or just fans of some of the Japanese culture that it brings to our doorstep then you are going to want to attend. I’ve gone to this event since it first debuted in 2017 but I didn’t manage to do anything with the virtual event. These are great for fans but for me as a scribe and photographer, its kind of unhelpful. At the time of this writing its too early to know if I am going to be in attendence since the credentials stuff is not yet open and something all reps are looking over very carefully this time around. A score of posts about the event since launch can be found HERE for the interested and I cannot stress how important it is to follow our Official Instagram since I bombard that network with the amazing Cosplayers that I meet here and at other shows. That’s all I have to say about the matter and as I close this up I wonder what you all think about it. You can chime in down below in the comments section. See you next time around. Please keep safe out there.


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