Anime NYC Issues Heath and Safety Policies For 2022 Event

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It wasn’t that long ago when we got the Health & Safety Update for the rapidly approaching New York Comic Con and if you missed that overview you can click HERE to review it. Just a short time ago we learned of the guidelines for the big Anime NYC event that happens in November. I’ve secured the images in their Facebook announcement and will line out below in text for good measure.

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Hello, this is Peter Tatara, Founder of Anime NYC, and I’m writing today to share Anime NYC’s 2022 Health and Safety policies. In brief…

* Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test is required
* Face coverings are required
* Full into at

We know government requirements have lessened, but we also know our goal is to create a safe experience for all, and in determining our policies, we spoke with local health experts as well as our fans, publishers and guests, and we believe our policies are what is right for the Anime NYC community.

anime nyc, anime nyc 2022, leftfield media

Further, we want to acknowledge the challenges at Anime NYC last year, and we want to make sure we are doing our best to keep our community safe as we bring fans and creators from Japan back together.

Beyond face coverings and COVID Checks, we are following industry-leading best practices with these additional intiatives.

* Dedicated off-site proof of vaccination and negative COVID test check location with longer hours and more capacity for a faster and easier check process.
* Reduced capacity this year. Fewer tickets are being sold each day to increase the space for every attendees.
* All badges are mailed to eliminate long waits in close queues for pick up on site.
* All Main Event panels will require RSVP’s to eliminate long waits in close queues for a change to attend.
* Dedicated Face Covering Captains to assure proper face covering usage throught the convention.

anime nyc, anime nyc 2022, leftfield media

And, with Anime NYC’s overall growth, we know that health and safety means more than COVID, and we’re additionally putting these practices into place…

* New dedicated attendee and professional entrance locations to provide for faster and easier access into the building.
* New deployment of Evolv Technology security scanners at entrances to detect concealed weapons and other threats using advanced digital sensors.
* Continued patrols from explosive detection dogs.

We understand mandates have lessened, but as a large gathering that welcomes an audience from around the world – and an audience that includes immunocompromised members – We believe this is the right choice for Anime NYC.

We’re proud to be New York’s anime convention, deeply humbled by all your support over the past five years, and can’t wait for the adventure ahead at Anime NYC’s 5th Anniversary…

anime nyc, anime nyc 2022, leftfield media

…celebration – our most exciting edition yet.

We’ll start sharing our guests, premieres, concerts, and more soon, and we look forward to being an inviting, exhilarating, and safe space for the entire Anime NYC family.

Peter Tatara -Founder Anime NYC

*** end of transmission ***


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