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Anime NYC 2021 Takes Over The PiercingMetal Instagram

I’ve already mentioned on a number of occasions that I love conventions and especially the ones aimed at my geek interests. Last month I let the New York Comic Con take over the Official PiercingMetal Instagram and I think I posted something like 600+ photos. Now it was time to do a bit of the same for another favorite of mine at the Anime NYC Convention. This convention also went virtual during 2020 and I didn’t get to participate at all based on my just not enjoying the virtual stuff at this point. As I did in October, this notice is to suggest you head over to said Official Instagram and enjoy all the sights and scenes. I really like this event and I am still a bit of a novice when it comes to Anime. Remember to click the “<3" on the images and leave comments for us to know you are out there. Site visitors are encouraged to click the heart on the photo and come “Follow” the profile to enjoy all of our other images and adventures. anime nyc, anime nyc logo

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