Anathema Announces Indefinite Hiatus Via Facebook

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When it comes to bearing the bad news, 2020 has certainly made sure that we media outlets sure have a boatload of it to pass along. This latest news comes from the band Anathema who have sadly announced their indefinite hiatus. The visual comes care of the bands official social media page and in the event you are using a screen reader, I’ve also typed it down below the graphic.

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“Dear Anathema Family,
This year is one like no others.

We’ve all – Every one of you included – Faced unpredictable challenges which impacted both our professional and personal situations. In this hardest of times, events over this year have left us with no option but to go on an indefinate hiatus. As individuals, it is now time to pursue other paths in life.

We are beyond grateful for everyone’s support over the year. There is no end to the love and respect we have for our fans for giving us the best years of our lives. The generosity you all showed following the unexpected cancellation of our tour will always stay with us.

We could never have anticipated how this year would turn out.

Many, many thanks. Anathema”

*** end of statement ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I was a latecomer to the music of Anathema but when I finally began my journey into their brand of song I was immediately enthralled. I felt fortunate to have caught them in concert when they managed to make it over here on some brief tours and I always found myself leaving the venue with a sense of satisfaction. They had that kind of sound to them. You didn’t even have to know a whole lot of their music to find yourself pleased with what you were witnessing. It went right through you and it was so very, very good. Now before I forget let me please address the next section to the year 2020. Dear 2020; Please GTFO already. I’ve long since grown tired of you and your shenanigans and the swathe of miserable crap you’ve put us all through. Thank you, the Management. So back to Anathema. No deeper revelation comes care of this announcement but truly this is a year that has made many of us calculate our going forward times whenever they should return. Touring bands and the venues that host them are struggling the most and we should gird ourselves for more news of this kind in the coming months. I wish all of the member of Anathema the very best and thank them for their music. Perhaps when a more “normal” sense is happening again, they will sit down and say “what the hell were we thinking” and get back to work. If not, they surely delivered the goods for many years. Fans are most welcome to chime in down below in the comments with their thoughts on this announcement. I will see you next time.

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