Anaka @ The Hideout Bar (6/5/2016)

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Artist: Anaka
Venue: The Hideout Bar (Brooklyn, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 6/5/2016
Label: Independent Artist

I don’t generally make a wander through a neighborhood festival with a concert review mission in mind but that premise would change for me this year. You see it was that time of the year in Bay Ridge for the Fifth Avenue Festival and this avenue long outdoor happening can best be described as a little bit flea market, a little bit bar hopping and food sampling along with live music on various corners or in front of shops. Further up the festival and actually closest to my own Creative Command HQ stands the Hide Out Bar which is in the space previously occupied by The Wicked Monk. They moved over to 97th Street and Third Avenue a few years ago and then The Hide Out Bar opened up. This is a straight-ahead, no nonsense fueling station for those who wish to walk into its darkness and enjoy their favorite drink. There’s no food to be found there is what I am getting at here and as a part of the Festival today, the bar would be offering the passerby a full set by the band Anaka.

anaka, anaka concert photos, hideout bar

Anaka is a Bay Ridge based Metal band that was formed by the Pallis Brothers (Peter and Jimmy who play lead guitar and sing respectively). They’re joined by Karl Andreassen, Tony Heredia and newest member Matthieu Bene and as far as regional Metal bands are concerned have developed quite an ardent following over the years. The stage was setup outside of the Hideout Bar and while the drums were on a small stage space the rest of the band was right there in the street with you and able to look you right in the eye as they played. Those who chose to stop and enjoy the hard driving set could not only feel it but they could see right into the whites of the band members eyes and based on how frenetically lead singer Jimmy was dashing about, there was also the chance that he was going to ask you to help with a chorus.

anaka, anaka concert photos, hideout bar

The band spaced themselves out quite broadly during the set which was interesting but allowed for more of the people watching to feel like they had their very own musician for the time that they stood there. Karl hangs to the back keeping the crunch in place on the bass while Matt and Peter shredded on either side. It was a little hard to hear Tony from my vantage point but that was an on and off PA sort of thing if I had to guess. The band was tight and didn’t seem to lose step with each other from beginning to end and this was very impressive considering they were playing outside and when you do that the sound goes just about everywhere. When you are plowing through the Metal an outdoor gig can be a bands worst enemy. Throughout the set the crowd engagement was left to Jimmy who regularly asked the audience if they knew who the band was and if they were having a good time. One of the biggest highlights of the set for all in attendance was the thundering Metallica medley that brought us a bit of “Seek and Destroy”, “For Whom The Bell Tolls” and “Enter Sandman”. For the medley they had a microphone set up so their most core fans could try and help out with some backing vocals. This is not always a good idea but it seemed to work out in Anaka’s favor this afternoon.

anaka, anaka concert photos, hideout bar

The band played about an hour and change if I had to gauge it and once they were done they hung around with family and friends who had come out and then there was a lot of toasting the Heavy Metal lifestyle inside the Hideout Bar which I also participated in since I was having such a good time. I only went in for one beer but of course you know how that story goes at the end of the day. Though I don’t know a lot of their original material as I’ve only ever seen them perform before a couple of time, I had to say that there were quite a few songs that I liked. I’d surely check them out again if the schedule permitted me to do so.

Full Anaka Photo Gallery: HERE

Set List:
1. Doomsday Divide
2. Deathborn
3. Ominous Visions
4. Erase
5. Glorified Crusade
6. The Unwavering
7. Other Side Of Nowhere
8. Voices Of The Faceless
9. Ghosts Of Yesterday
10. Shotgun & Whiskey
11. Metallica Medley [Seek and Destroy, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Enter Sandman]
12. Fall From Grace

This group shot was captured immediately after the guys finished the set. Thanks for letting me do that before you even caught your breath.

anaka, anaka concert photos,

Here’s part of the Metallica medley that I mentioned. Also recorded with the Galaxy Note 4.

Official Website:

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