An Overview Of Dark Horse Comics: “Slayer: Repentless” #2

Hey so we are back and continuing the summary of the new mini-series by Dark Horse Comics featuring the mighty Slayer with “Slayer: Repentless”, It’s issue number two now and if you missed my narrative about the debut issue you’ll want to click on THIS LINK to be more up to speed on the goings on. When we last left, our hero had just received his powers and was learning that with great powers comes great responsibility. Oh wait, that’s a different character altogether but our main protagonist did meet Slayer at the closing pages of the issue. Sort of like when Rey finally reached Luke Skywalker in “The Force Awakens” and the credits began to roll as soon as he turned around.

The “hero” of the tale is Wyatt and he is on a mission of vengeance having just suffered a tremendous loss and the odds against him are rather high since he is facing off against a militant Neo-Nazi order with whom he once had a close association to. Fortunately, he has the guys in Slayer to help fight the battle and as noted in the previous summary, this is the Slayer of now in today’s musical geography. The violence is at an all-time high in this one and the language somewhat colorful and as you read through you will likely chuckle at the occasional Slayer song lyric reference being dropped. I won’t spoil where they are for you of course and leave that to your reading.

The pacing on the second issue is quick and the guys in Slayer actually participate in some of the firefights that are happening against the forces of this insidious group. Hey, they are Neo-Nazis so I didn’t really mind seeing Slayer shoot the hell out of them. This is all taking place in a town called “Repentless” which apparently has a very bad cell reception and most probably horrible Wi-Fi to boot. Let’s cross this imaginary town off my to visit list. Issue three comes out in June sometime and will close the whole thing up and my hopes are that Slayer plays a little larger part in the outcome of the pending battle. Writer Jon Schnepp has given the band a badass biker attitude with lots of guns and a threatening gaze so let’s put that to use shall we? Art comes care of Guiu Villanova, Mauricio Wallace with stunning covers by Glenn Fabry.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: My thoughts are pretty much the same as they were for the first issue and that is bound to be the case with a short mini-series such as this. The level of violence is amped up with issue two and that is fine if this is what you are seeking. We get far more gruesome doings in “The Walking Dead” by Image Comics but since this is in vivid color there are times when the reader might get a startle. As I noted there is a little more Slayer interaction in this issue but the comic truly seems to be more like “Wyatt: Repentless featuring Slayer”. Given the overall premise of the storyline and how it’s based on the bands videos I guess this works. I don’t say this as a slight but the curious reader should know that this is not Slayer kicking butt on each and every page of the issue. I am sure that some of the bands diehards are purchasing this purely “to have” in their box of Slayer memorabilia or to bring to signings. Now I must again cite a little bit of shame at the lack of a “for mature readers” warning on the cover since there is some stuff in the issue in terms of language, principles and overall violence that you might want to keep a younger reader away from. Sure, the video games that the kids play are likely worse but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The series closes up with issue #3 in June, and if you have not yet snagged this or missed it on the shelves at this time, perhaps you are best served with waiting on a collected edition. I generally like to grab that when it comes to a mini-series of three or six issues since its nicer for the book shelves and easily accessed as opposed to the long boxes. Did you pick up this issue? If so what did you think about it? Please chime in down below in the comments section.

Remember that Slayer’s latest album “Repentless” is available now on Nuclear Blast Records and there is a coming tour with both Lamb Of God and Behemoth in tow. You can learn more about the tour on THIS LINK and order a copy of the album and the back issues of the comic book care of – See you next time.

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