An Important Announcement From Anime NYC Re: The Omicron Variant

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The Press Release:
The Anime NYC team was notified today that one of this year’s attendees tested positive for the Omicron variant of COVID-19. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the attendee developed mild symptoms on November 22, was tested on November 24, and their symptoms have since resolved.

We’re actively working with officials from the New York City Department of Health, who are coordinating with various state agencies, and all participants who ordered badges online, as well as exhibitors, artists, and partners. All attendees should receive an email or call from the NYC Test and Trace Corps or their local health departments with further information and recommended next steps. You are strongly advised to get tested.

We thank our partners in New York City for their tremendous assistance and guidance both today and in the lead up to Anime NYC.

*** end of transmission ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: It was a little earlier today when NYC’s own Mayor brought this news to the airwaves and since it dealt with both sides of our creative coin I shared that alert over on the KPM Site (click HERE). I also pointed out that I had attended this event but due to the nature of my own workaday world work I have already been rapid tested 4x and am good. While I saw all my friends and staff and fellow media sporting masks and knowing that they had to show proof of vaccination to even attend I can say that there wasn’t a whole lot of social distancing going on. It was a convention after all and many felt that they were okay because of being vaxxed. It was crowded as you can see by my share of an Instagram photo that I posted the other day so with that being said I am going to mirror the organizers thoughts about getting yourself tested. Don’t do the rapid at home test, find one of the NYC Health + Hospitals centers and get the full PCR Test. This is more comprehensive and much more reliable. I’d rather you be safe than sorry. Be careful out there, I will see you again soon.

Update 2/18/2022: A recently revealed study by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has officially determined that the Anime NYC 2021 convention WAS NOT a super spreader event and that the Omicron variant of the dreaded Coronavirus didn’t originate at this happening. Needless to say everyone was up in arms when the politicals announced that it had begun here but thankfully this dialogue has been proven false. I currently work in COVID safety so am tested regularly and I still cannot encourage people enough to get this done at least a couple of times a month to be safe if they are out and about. The interested can read the study from the CDC by clicking HERE.


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