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AMC Presents: The Walking Dead Universe: “New Series” Trailer

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Speaking of reveals, though we are all getting anxious for tomorrow’s premiere of “The Walking Dead” which will be premiering it’s 10th season tomorrow night on AMC; an as-yet untitled spinoff series was revealed today at New York Comic Con and I’ve embedded the trailer for you down below. Take a look.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So I will be honest and say that I don’t know what to think about this trailer. It seems to have a younger cast who all seem far too “innocent” for the kind of world this has become and offhand hit me like “Dawson’s Creek” meets “The Walking Dead” proper series. For me this fell flat, but who knows. Let’s see what the title becomes and where in the timeline this is taking place. I did at first detest “Fear The Walking Dead” but ended up getting very into it once a whole bunch of characters I hated bit the dust. I might still be a season behind but that is the glory of a DVR. What did you readers think of this new series trailer? Did you like it, or did you hate it? Chime in down below and know that as more information is revealed about the show and when its hitting the network I will be on point with it for our Pop Culture focused area.

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