“Allied Forces” (remaster) by Triumph

Artist: Triumph
Title: “Allied Forces”
Label: TML Entertainment
Release Date: 11/9/2004
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 8/10

If there is one single album by the band Triumph that belongs in your CD collection then “Allied Forces” is that CD. Any collector of great music will agree that the numbers on this release (originally released in 1981) make this a must have in your collection to start you off on music of Triumph properly. With “Allied Force” the Canadian power trio touched upon the lines between Hard Rock and Progressive Music, and this release contains some of their most seminal numbers. In addition to the title track, this CD is the home to “Magic Power” and the big arena rock anthem “Fight The Good Fight”. The impact of these songs was so great in that you would always find the band including them in their live set until they ceased touring in the 1990’s. While The reason is purely based on “Allied Forces” being the home to seminal Triumph numbers such as “Magic Power”, “Allied Forces” and the total arena anthem “Fight The Good Fight”. Looking back on their rich catalog this is perhaps the most classic of all of their releases and is a high recommendation in this version. Rik Emmett, Gil Moore and Mike Levine never sounded better and it is my hope that with these remastered editions and people rediscovering Triumph music that perhaps a reunion of some type is in order.

The production of the Remaster is fantastic and meant to be turned up very loud. Similar to the other releases in this collection of the Triumph back catalog, this edition includes all the original artwork and lyrics are provided. If one can find a criticism it is simply the lack of added tracks or any other bonus recorded material. Even old interview pieces would have been a nice inclusion to this historic CD. This comes with very high recommendations, so check it out.

Track Listing:
1. Fool For Your Love
2. Magic Power
3. Air Raid
4. Allied Forces
5. Hot Time (In This City Tonight)
6. Fight The Good Fight
7. Ordinary Man
8. Petite Etude
9. Say Goodbye

Official Website: www.triumphmusic.com

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