Airing Tonight: “Metal Evolution Pt. 5: Glam”

It’s time to fix up your hair with as much spray as possible and do whatever touch ups your makeup might need before you head out and oh yes ladies, please feel free to do the same thing. Yes I was talking to the guys and that must mean that we are at the chapter of VH1 Classics “Metal Evolution” that focuses on the “Glam Metal” genre. For the past four weeks this enlightening documentary has brought a lot of information to the table. Thank you Sam Dunn.

In This Episode: Purveyors of glam such as Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil and Michael Anthony of Van Halen, will divulge their side of the story, revealing the attitudes, influences and decisions which guided them during those heady days of rampant excess on L.A.’s storied Sunset Strip. Contemporary musicians like Scott Ian from Anthrax and Slash from Guns N’ Roses will discuss the reasons behind the vilification of glam—the notion that glam reduced Metal to caricature, drawing on a shallow combination of pop cliché and sophomoric sexual pandering for its inspiration. (taken from Wikipedia)

Tease me all you like but I have generally had an appreciation for the Glam side of Hard Rock and Metal music. It might have been more of “what the girls liked” as some folks would have said but that was fine by me when it was in its heyday because I was a drummer back then and musicians often like to meet members of the opposite sex after all. Nowadays I view the older Crue and Poison and Ratt stuff as classic Hard Rock even if it was called “Glam” back then and I’ve seen all of these bands time and time again and left the shows satisfied. Who thinks that this episode is going to be “Nothin’ But A Good Time”? (sorry it was too easy). I’ll be setting the DVR for this one I am afraid because my evening plan is for the Twisted Sister Christmas show and that is something entirely too difficult to explain here. Just wait on the show report and photos for that okay.

Required musical documentaries can be found below so do some shopping if you have the extra scratch.

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