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Airing Tonight: “American Horror Story: Asylum” (10/17/2012)

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Hey my fiends, did you enjoy last years “American Horror Story” at all? Well if you did, the series has returned and the season premieres this evening on the FX Channel. For the East Coast its on at 10PM but the rest of you might want to check your local listings, provided you have the channel that is. I’ve added the creepy poster here for you along with premise and casting. Check it out.

american horror story asylum

The Plot: The second season follows the patients, doctors and nuns who occupy Briarcliff Mental Institution in Massachusetts in 1964, intercut with scenes from the present. Sister Jude and Sister Mary Eunice maintain the institution that was founded by Monsignor Timothy Howard to treat and house the mentally and criminally insane. Psychiatrist Dr. Oliver Thredson and scientist Dr. Arthur Arden treat the patients within the facility. The patients, many of whom claim to be unjustly institutionalized, include lesbian journalist Lana Winters, accused serial killer Kit Walker, and alleged murderer Grace Bertrand. (thanks to Wikipedia for this)

Main Cast:
Zachary Quinto as Dr. Oliver Thredson (12 episodes)
Joseph Fiennes as Monsignor Timothy Howard (10 episodes)
Sarah Paulson as Lana Winters (13 episodes)
Evan Peters as Kit Walker (13 episodes)
Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice McKee (10 episodes)
Lizzie Brocheré as Grace Bertrand (11 episodes)
James Cromwell as Dr. Arthur Arden (10 episodes)
Jessica Lange as Sister Judy “Jude” Martin (13 episodes)

Special Guest Stars:
Chloë Sevigny as Shelley (6 episodes)
Adam Levine as Leo Morrison (5 episodes)
Ian McShane as Leigh Emerson (2 episodes)

Recurring Cast:
Naomi Grossman as Pepper (7 episodes)
Fredric Lehne as Frank McCann (7 episodes)
Clea DuVall as Wendy Peyser (6 episodes)
Britne Oldford as Alma Walker (6 episodes)
Jenna Dewan-Tatum as Teresa Morrison (6 episodes)
Dylan McDermott as Johnny Morgan (5 episodes)
Frances Conroy as Shachath: The Angel of Death (5 episodes)
Barbara Tarbuck as Mother Superior Claudia (5 episodes)
Mark Engelhardt as Carl (5 episodes)
Mark Consuelos as Spivey (4 episodes)
Mark Margolis as Sam Goodwin (3 episodes)
Franka Potente as Anne Frank / Charlotte Cohen-Brown (2 episodes)

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ll probably be watching this since I did enjoy the first season and found some of the twists and turns to my liking. I do admit that I thought the series was a one and done sort of thing but I am glad that they are not only continuing, but also giving us a different storyline with the latest installment. They might be on to something with this so I wonder what you think about it all. Chime in down below in the comments as that is why the blog has them for you.

Official Show Wiki Entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Horror_Story

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