Airing Today: “Green Lantern: The Animated Series” (11/11/2011)

It might be National Metal Day for us diehards but for the animated series maniacs today is rather important because the “Green Lantern Animated Series” begins airing today as well on the Cartoon Network. It’s Developed by Bruce Timm, Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg with Direction by Sam Liu, and Rick Morales. From the looks of GL in the banner below, you can tell that this will work with the same animation style as “Batman Adventures” and “The Adventures Of Superman’. I like that for consistency sake.

Banner - Green Lantern Animated

The series is computer generated which should be really cool to see on television and it follows the adventures of Green Lantern and Kilowog as they travel to the far ends of space and come into conflict with assorted lanterns across the spectrum. We’ll find Red, Orange, Blue and Yellow Lanterns coming into blows with our emerald hero. The cast is below.

The Cast:
Ian Abercrombie– Ganthet
Jonathan Adams – Atrocitus
Diedrich Bader – Guy Gardner
Dee Bradley Baker – Larfleeze
Jeff Bennett — Tomar-Re, Duke Nigel Thorntonberry
Susanne Blakeslee – Sayd
Clancy Brown – General Zartok
Corey Burton – Cleric Loran, Leph
Grey DeLisle – Aya, Bleez, Queen Aga’Po, Lady Catherine
John DiMaggio – Kothack
Sarah Douglas – Science Director Scar
Robin Atkin Downes – Steam Lantern
Robert Englund – Myglom
Will Friedle – Ragnar
Brian George – Appa Ali Apsa, M’Ten, LANOS, Brother Warth
Jennifer Hale – Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire, Gi’ata
Josh Keaton – Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Manhunters
Tom Kenny – Zilius Zox, Salaak, Byth Rok, Anti-Monitor,[23] Bumpy
Wayne Knight – Captain Goray
Juliet Landau – Drusa
Vanessa Marshall – Galia
Phil Morris – Saint Walker
Rob Paulsen – Goggan
Ron Perlman – Sinestro
Kevin Michael Richardson – Kilowog, Red Lantern Rings, Dulock, Mogo, Skallox
Kurtwood Smith – Shyir Rev
Jason Spisak – Razer, Veon
Tara Strong – Queen Iolande

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Official Show Wiki:

I’ve embedded some Green Lantern related trade paperbacks and the first season on DVD as they became available for your ease of discovery.

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