“Adios” Live by Ministry

Artist: Ministry
Title: “Adios” Live
Label: 13th Planet Records
Release Date: 3/31/2009
Genre: Industrial Metal
Rating: 3/5

They say that all good things come to an end and such would be the case for Al Jourgensen’s Ministry who embarked on their “C U La Tour” back in the middle of 2008. Yes, believe it or not, Uncle Al had decided that the bands time was done and after a career that spanned some twenty eight years that he would wrap it up and focus on other adventures in music. The CD “Adios” is a good way to own a little piece of the bands history and keep it forever in your collection where it will remain and gather dust on the shelves long after you have uploaded it to your music player of choice. Such is the grim future of many of our CD’s as technology advances farther and farther each year. The tour was one that ran for about two hours each night when it was hitting the various spots along the way and that makes this release a little bit hard to swallow because it’s only one single CD and gives us thirteen tunes as opposed to a full show which would have been a smarter option. Having seen the concert I can say that it was a long night and the band delivered quite a few tunes, but here as I mentioned are only thirteen. While a powerful recording for the songs that it gives us, the other downside that some fans will find out when they begin to play it is the fact that it focuses on the bands final album “The Last Sucker” as opposed to presenting a lot of the time honored material which would have been perfect for a closing chapter live album. Of course with the downs also come the ups and one of these is the fact that Burton Bell (Fear Factory) makes an appearance and adds points to the concert. The band for the tour also featured Tony Campos (bass), Tommy Victor (guitar), Sin Quirin (guitar), Aaron Rossi (drums) and John Bechdel (keyboards). They sound energetic and do deliver the required goods but for someone who is a diehard fan this might end up being a disappointment more than something they cherish based on all of the exclusions that can easily be researched online.

Package wise this album comes in a fold out digipak that has some interesting artwork on the cover and not much to speak of on the inside of it. We don’t get lyrics or album art and instead only find some of the production liner notes as far as credits go and of course the titles of the performed tunes. If you are one of the bands hard core followers and must have this album I can say to you that you should wait until the DVD version is released because that gives you some visual to make it a better purchase and also gives you a copy of the same single CD that we found here. Thank you Ministry for all your musical contributions and for Al Jourgensen being one of the more interesting figures in his field. Even though I was never the dedicated pupil to your teachings I did enjoy a majority of your biggest numbers and felt you kept the fans guessing. Good luck in your future adventuring.

Our NYC Concert Review of the “C U La Tour” can be enjoyed: http://piercingmetal.com/ministry-fillmore-new-york-at-irving-plaza-512008/

Track Listing:
1. Let’s Go
2. Watch Yourself
3. Life Is Good
4. The Dick Song
5. The Last Sucker
6. No W
7. Waiting
8. Worthless
9. Wrong
10. Rio Grande Blood
11. Senor Peligro
12. Lies Lies Lies
13. Khyber Pass

Official Website: http://www.13thplanetrecords.com

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