Acey Slade & The Dark Party in Concert (6/15/2012)

I’ve been a fan of the creative force of music known as Acey Slade for a few years now and since I first started using the website to report on his adventures have watched him perform with Wednesday 13, heard him rock the socks with Trashlight Vision and now continue to surprise his fans with The Dark Party. Sadly its been awhile since I had been been able to catch him perform which made this evenings performance at The Studio in Webster Hall something that I just did not want to miss out on. The show would be a dose of Rock and Roll interesting from local opener to headliner as the young Rockers Stiletto would start it all up and be followed by The Wild Ones, Bad Dog Bad and the Black Angels NYC. Whew, this sounds like a lot to enjoy doesn’t it? To see the comprehensive show review just click the logo below to be brought over to the main PiercingMetal site and then by all means keep scrolling down this blog posting to enjoy some side images and video that I am only presenting to you here.

I’ll get to the side images soon enough but first I want to share some of the video clips that I shot for your enjoyment. First up is The Wild Ones who as I note in the concert review are a tribute to The Runaways. Here we find them doing their rendition of “Cherry Bomb” which was one of their biggest songs. You might also recall that Joan Jett kept the song in play when she formed The Blackhearts.

Now onto the one and only Acey Slade and The Dark Party. Acey would open up his set with perhaps what amounts to be my favorite of his tunes in “Here Today” so I made sure to capture it with the ever trusty Panasonic Lumix for all of you to be hip on it as well. I hope you enjoy this number as much as I do. If not, he has others that will likely interest you 🙂

I also love the way the band delivers “She Sells Sanctuary” by The Cult and I shot that one for good measure as well. I really don’t mind when bands do covers during their set if they manage to bring this kind of life to it.

I apologize for not finding any kind of marquee shot. The shows at The Studio are very different setups and its not always easy to find the event showcased for the public eye. With that being the case let’s start out with the merchandise for Acey’s group. First up – the music…….as you can see it is available on CD and now red vinyl.  These days you will find a lot of bands putting out vinyl.  Might be a good time to start collecting them.  Just be sure to play the stuff.

Dark Party CD and Vinyl

He also had a couple of cool shirts to purchase. You know you want one of these. I know that I like the design in black. It looks sweet.

Dark Party Fashions

This lovely lass is the one and only Joanna Dee. She is a model and makeup artist from NYC and thanks to the wonderful world of Social Networking has been a kind supporter of the PiercingMetal efforts for a few years. Sadly we never met in person until this evening so it was wonderful to snap a photo of her as she helped get Acey’s merchandise into the hands of the fans. Here she is with his CD.

Joanna Dee Compels You To Buy This CD

And since she had her own sticker, I snapped one more to help her own activities in some sense. Or at least hope to do so.

Makeup by Joanna Dee

After a rocking set, we caught up with Acey at the merchandise table.  He was meeting some fans and friends so I asked if he and Joanna would do a photo for me.

Acey Slade & Joanna Dee

For the next one I asked Acey to hold up his CD, after all he does have to sell these things…..

Acey Slade & Joanna Dee and Music

I also caught Cherie Black after the set sans her silver spacesuit and asked her for a moment of her time.  She kindly obliged.

Cherie Black Chilling Out

Of course with our being a largely Metal site, I did need her to toss up the horns at least once.

Cherie Black Gives Us Two Horns Up!

I also made sure to snare a photo of Cherie and Acey’s merchandiser extraordinaire Joanna Dee….

Cherie Black and Joanna Dee

I’m getting good at capturing Rock moments so I asked Mr. Thommy Price if he would not mind posing with the Runaways tribute band singer.

Thommy Price and Cherie Black

 I always have to go for the Metal shot.  Please pardon me…..

This Time With Some Metal Horns

 Two rocking ladies in one single shot….

Cherie Black and Joanna Dee

Andee was also at the merchandise table and here we find him showing off the bands last CD….

Andee of The Dark PartyPaul and Mike of Bad Dog Bad

Let’s not leave out the Wild Rock Maniacs of Bad Dog Bad. Here is Paul and Mike from the band after their set.

Paul and Mike of Bad Dog Bad

And one of Paul from Bad Dog Bad alone. This was actually during the set by The Wild Ones. It didn’t matter.

Bad Dog Bad's Paul Cardot

Joe and I were talking with the BDB guys quite a bit between the sets so here are some photos of us just enjoying the night ourselves…..

Bad Dog Bad & Bad Joe Bad 🙂

And one with me……

Bad Dog Bad & PiercingMetal Ken

I know it surprises some to find me not making a crazy face.  I am trying to be better at that this year LOL…..

Mr and Mrs Thommy Price

 With the blog being more of the personal side of the concert coverages we do, I felt that it was alright to be in a few of the photos myself a little more this time.  Joe took a couple of these for me so here I am with the lovely Miss Joanna Dee, the amazing Acey Slade and the heavy hitter Thommy Price…..whew.

PiercingMetal Ken and Joanna Dee
PiercingMetal Ken and Acey Slade
PiercingMetal Ken and Thommy Price

That’s all we have here in the blog part of the story, so make sure you click that logo above to see all the photo galleries and get the inside scoop about the whole show.  See you next time.

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