“A Night To Remember” by Everygrey

Artist: Evergrey
Title: “A Night To Remember”
Label: InsideOut Music
Release Date: 3/15/2005
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 8.5/10

Evergrey has always been one of those bands that were harder to classify in a musical sense than their peers have been. One wonders if they fall under Progressive Metal or is what they bring to the table more of the Power Metal style. Perhaps it is a finely tuned mixture of both areas since as a group they have traveled beyond the mere description that Heavy Metal in the traditional sense holds. This double CD set is just what the fans of the band have been waiting for. The show which was recorded in Gothenburg Sweden on 10/9/2004 is loaded with every song you would expect to find and then some. The band also employs the use of a choir and some string instruments to deliver this to you in the finest possible fashion. It is safe to say that this release is even better than a greatest hits package which is purely based on the fact that songs from every album are present on the CD. It also seems to be the tracks one would want on a hits piece. The sound is killer and the production is worthy of praise. None of the instruments overpower one another and the vocals are crystal clear throughout the concert. Lead singer Tom Englund is one of the most impressive front men in Metal music today. With Henrik Danhage (guitar), Michael Hakansson (bass), Richard Zander (keyboards) and Jonas Ekdahl (drums) the band certainly shows that they are a quartet to be respected.

I had trouble deciding on which tracks were my favorites and I think this is the first time I have encountered this. I essentially enjoyed the entire CD and find myself letting more than a track or two run in sequence when I choose to listen to it. When I begin the CD, I end the CD. It is as simple as that. The band gives you 20 songs on two CDs and it is wrapped in a fantastic package. Included with the CD is a very comprehensive booklet with some liner notes about the performance. Inside the book you will also find a great amount of pictures from the show as well. I felt that the entire thing was able to capture the moment and mood of the event and makes you wish you were there. A Companion DVD of this concert is also available and loaded with extra features. The CD is a must have for not only fans of Evergrey but anyone who likes a very well produced live album. This release comes with the highest of recommendations.

Track Listing CD1 & CD2:
1. Intro
2. Blinded
3. End Of Your Days
4. More Than Ever
5. She Speaks To The Dead
6. Rulers Of The Mind
7. Blackened Dawn
8. Waking Up Blind
9. As I Lie Here Bleeding
10. Mislead
11. Mark Of The Triangle
12. When The Walls Go Down
13. Harmless Wishes
14. Essence Of Conviction
15. Solitude Within
16. Nosferatu
17. Recreation Day
18. For Every Tear That Falls
19. Touch Of Blessing
20. The Masterplan

Official Website: www.Evergrey.net

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