“7: The Best Of Stryper” by Stryper

Artist: Stryper
Title: “7: The Best Of Stryper”
Label: Hollywood Records
Release Date: 3/25/2003
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 10/10

A few months ago I had the chance to see Stryper at one of their Reunion shows when they came to New York. Since I was already a fan, I expected to enjoy myself. Given the fact that this was among the first shows the band had done in 12 years I expected the show to be full of the songs that made them popular. You see, around the time of the Reunion plans, a CD came out entitled “Stryper: 7 – The Best Of”. I was very impressed by this release. Now that I have a copy, I can spend a little time on it on behalf of the Metal Circus.

I should clear up immediately that there are more than seven tunes on the CD. One would think there was only seven based on the title. However, this release has a full 18 which is impressive to say the least. I often find myself annoyed with greatest hits issues that have a few choice numbers and a mess of new songs. Stryper themselves have picked the selections and only added two unreleased songs. For that matter the unreleased tracks were played live on the Reunion tour that is to best of my knowledge still going on.

For this release the tracks were all remastered so there is a bigger more powerful sound to some of the heavier tracks. “Soldiers Under Command” is definitely one you wanna crank a little louder on the stereo (I always loved the drumming on that one in particular). “Free”, “Honestly” and “Calling On You” also sound crisper due to the remastering. Like I said at the beginning, I was impressed. Since it is a greatest hits compilation there is little more I can say about it. I will add that the interior booklet is nice. Standout colors on the cover and back, interior depicts all the Stryper albums and provides the lyrics to their songs. I love when lyrics are included. Also there is a personal message from the band on the booklet back.

This reviewer recommends the “Seven” CD for anyone who wants a good (and all album encompassing) scope of the Stryper sound and their career. Should anyone wish to venture further, allow me to make two personal recommendations: “Soldiers Under Command” and “To Hell With The Devil” are my favorites in the Stryper catalog.

You can find out more about Stryper and their goings on by visiting their website at www.stryper.com . You can also purchase the music I mentioned above at the site.there

Track List:
1. Something (unreleased)
2. For You (unreleased)
3. Shining Star
4. Lady
5. All For One
6. In God We Trust
7. Always There For You
8. To Hell With The Devil
9. Calling On You
10. Free
11. Honestly
12. The Way
13. Soldiers Under Command
14. Makes Me Wanna Sing
15. Reach Out
16. From Wrong To Right
17. Loving You
18. Believe

Official Website: www.Stryper.com

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