50 Years Ago Today: The Beatles Arrive In The USA!!!!

There are few moments in music history that are as important as the arrival of The Beatles in NYC on February 7th 1964 – “Beatlemania” had finally hit the States and music in this region would be forever changed as result. The Fab Four of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr had already been making their mark in England for a few years now (remember they had formed in 1960) and their sound was something so exciting to our nations musical ears that this visit was without a doubt one of the most anticipated events of its time.

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This first US visit had a bunch of events for the band to attend to and one of the biggest parts of their arrival was to perform on The Ed Sullivan Show two times. The first appearance on the show would take place two nights after they arrived and according to historical note, the bands appearance on this television program was seen by approximately 73 million viewers in over 23 million households which you can imagine was unheard of at this time. Imagine this was to happen today with all the millions of mobile devices in peoples hands. Staggering to consider. The band would also play in Washington for their first ever stateside concert and pay a visit to Florida as well. There would be two concerts in NYC at Carnegie Hall before they headed back home on the 22nd of the month. These fifteen days left our country in a frenzy but lucky for the fans of the time The Beatles would return two more times in the years ahead.

The Beatles Arrival at JFK (2/7/64) Photo h/t 1964 New York Times
The Beatles Arrival at JFK (2/7/64) Photo h/t 1964 New York Times

To say that there are going to be a LOT of special events celebrating The Beatles US Arrival anniversary is an understatement so do some searches to see what you can find. You can even check out galleries and music shops in your region to see how they might be raising a toast to this incredibly influential band. NYC itself is loaded with Fab Four to do’s and as a matter of fact it was only last night that I attended a photo exhibit with my stalwart media companion Skeleton Pete Parrella. I’ll be posting that on Saturday so do stay tuned. There is also going to be a lot of writing about the time that The Beatles first spent over here and since there is not much more I can say about that I will close up this little toast in a moment. I’d love to hear what The Beatles and their music mean to you as a music fan and especially if you experienced any of this first visit. I will be leaving the comments open for you to do that.

Official Website: http://www.thebeatles.com/
Official Wikipedia Entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_beatles

It was just under three weeks ago that Capitol Records/Universal Music released “The US Albums” by The Beatles and for those who are in the unaware, these are the releases that we saw as buyers of music back in the bands original heyday on this side of the Atlantic. They were slightly different from the releases over in England and sometimes had completely different track listings. This came out as a complete boxed set or as individual editions for those who felt only a few were of the utmost interest to their purchasing power. According to the RIAA, The Beatles are the biggest selling group in the United States and have moved over 177 million units. These special editions are sure to raise these numbers up by several thousand increments for sure. Now when you hear some artist of today lauding how their newest release has outsold The Beatles you can cry bulls*t 🙂 I’ve embedded code for all of the “US Albums” and even added in two videos that focus on this time period. Get out your credit cards.

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