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20th Century Fox: “Alita: Battle Angel” Official Trailer “Battle Ready”

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Back in July, I shared what amounted to being the first official trailer for the upcoming live-action feature “Alita: Battle Angel” which is based on the popular Manga series “Battle Angel: Alita”. You can check that clip out HERE if you like just in case its a tad different. A new trailer recently surfaced and I will continue the support by sharing this one down below and repeat the premise and casting. There’s also a newer promotional poster and slightly different editorial at the close. Let’s go.

The Premise: “Alita: Battle Angel” follows the story of the titular Alita, a disembodied “core” who awakens with no memory in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a technological fall. Dr. Ido finds her and gives her a new body. They later discover that Alita is more than what she seems and has an extraordinary past. As she navigates her new life, she battles other machines who are empowered with skills.

The Cast:
Rosa Salazar as Alita
Christoph Waltz as Dr. Dyson Ido
Jennifer Connelly as Chiren
Mahershala Ali in two roles, one being Vector,
Ed Skrein as Zapan
Jackie Earle Haley as Grewishka
Keean Johnson as Hugo
Michelle Rodriguez as Gelda
Eiza González as Nyssiana
Lana Condor as Koyomi
Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Hugo’s friend.
Idara Victor as Nurse Gerhad
Leonard Wu as Kinuba.
Marko Zaror as Ajakutty
Casper Van Dien as Amok

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: As I’ve already noted, I’m not the biggest study on the Anime and Manga stuff despite my possessing a few dozen long boxes of comic books and three or so shelves in the video library with the live-action and animated series featuring the world’s greatest super-heroes. That being said, this second trailer might find me getting on the line for this release but I have to see how my plans for that month’s Toy Fair are coming along before I do it. It seems like this is a fantastic time to be a fan of the superhero stuff because we’ve got films like this one hitting next year with “Aquaman”, “Bumblebee” and “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” opening up next month. Just click those titles to see some content about the features right here on this website. What did you readers think of this trailer? Are you a fan of this Manga? Chime in down below if you didn’t already with the previous trailer. You know you wanna….

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alita:_Battle_Angel
Official Character Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_Angel_Alita

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