We’ve been supporting the guys in ZO2 since we first heard them with the album “Tuesdays & Thursdays” and since that time had begun reviewing their music and shows.  I even reviewed their sophomore recording “Ain’t It Beautiful” for Metal Edge magazine when the opportunity allowed me to do so and one would hope that such exposure in a magazine like that would have given a promising push.   The boys are also stars of their own hit scripted reality show called “Z-Rock” and it does have its moments and sure seems to please their fans as they present to us their day to day antics.   Today would be something special to find Paulie, Dave and Joey partaking in and that was “Record Store Day”.  The band would make a stop at J&R Music World and not only sign their releases and photos but also deliver a brief set for free.  Considering everyone’s economic state right now, that is an awesome treat.  To read our synopsis of the set just click their logo to be taken to the article on the main PiercingMetal.com site.   We also recommend that you scroll further down this blog post to enjoy some additional candid moments and images that are only presented here from this fun afternoon.

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