Sometimes you need to trust your like minded music buddies when they recommend something and since I did not, it would be only tonight that I was seeing Fair To Midland for the first time.  The band had come through town a couple of years ago with The 69 Eyes and Wednesday 13 but I erred and let their set go by me.   To learn the full story about the bands headlining show in NYC with Karnivool from Australia, just click the link below to be taken to our article on the main site.

Here’s a shot of the marquee for this evening’s shindig, I’ve been enjoying presenting these visuals to the readership and since I believe that tonight was the band’s first night headlining the venue how could I pass that up.

The Gramercy Theatre Marquee: Fair To Midland & Karnivool Tonight

I am pretty sure that Karnivool was playing in NYC for the very first time tonight, but if I am wrong in this please pardon my error.  We wanted to give them a little props by presenting their name on the marquee tonight as well.  Great job everyone.  Please come back soon.