Win A Ticket To Winger @ Stage 48 On 4/26/2014

The Details: Winger is a rock solid group for sure and they’ve been entertaining audiences with their music since their formation in 1988. After a breakup in 1994 thanks to the “Grunge Era”, Winger once again signed up for service to their fans in 2001 and have been kicking musical ass since. I’ve enjoyed the band since the first album and while it took me many years to catch them live, I was glad that I did when I had the chance. Now thanks to the fine folks at CEG Presents, PiercingMetal is going to put some of their readers into this sure to be rocking event. Read more below on how to participate.
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Win A Ticket To Paganfest @ Irving Plaza On 4/28/2014

Tour - Paganfest America - 2014

The Details: Sound the trumpets of righteous battle and prepare yourself for was because the 2014 edition of Paganfest America is here and that news finds my Metal blood reaching the boiling point. For those new to the touring package, this particular event has been hitting our shores for a few years now and brings us an exciting roster of bands for sure. This year’s event finds Korpiklaani, Turisas, Chthonic and Varg as the international touring acts that will be joined by the USA forged Winterhymn as the lead off band. I have seen all of these bands in the past and know that songs will be sung long afterward and many ales will be hoisted during the event that will hit Irving Plaza when it makes a stop here. To say that my journalistic sword is sharpened in anticipation for glorious combat is an understatement and that makes me happy to announce that thanks to the fine folks at Livenation, several of the PiercingMetal Legions will be joining me in the fray on this epic night. Read on.
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Today Is “Record Store Day 2014″

Just a bit of a broadcast piece for you kind readers to remind you that today is indeed “Record Store Day” and despite the closure of one of my favorite spaces for such things, J&R Music World – there are still numerous spaces around the city and of course the country that are holding the banner up high for your listening pleasure.

Logo - Record Store Day - 2014
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Happening Today: Living Dead Dolls “Coffin Time Capsule” @ Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in Times Square

I’ve been open about how much we enjoy the offerings of the Mezco Toyz company here at the PiercingMetal Command HQ and over the past year we’ve covered both their BATMAN ’66 Mezitz Launch Event and gave readers an inside look into their TOY FAIR 2014 Offerings. That being said, it was great to learn about this super cool event regarding the super hot Living Dead Dolls. Check out the poster since it speaks volumes.

Poster - Living Dead Dolls Event - 2014
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Giving A Hard Rock “KISS” To Times Square :)

I had to chuckle the other night when one of my readers saw me at a show and said “you really do post quite a few KISS things don’t you” because he was right and with their being my favorite band I am going to keep on doing that when I find something that is interesting. That said, I passed by the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square and noticed a bright marquee showcasing a brand new and limited edition KISS t-shirt. This bore looking into but first a few shots of the cool marquee.


The band was officially inducted into The Rock and Roll Of Fame only recently and before you ask, yes the images of KISS in this marquee and the subsequent shirt are Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric.

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Win A Ticket To See Nile @ Stage 48 On 4/20/2014

Poster - Nile at Stage 48 - 2014

The Details: I once noted that the band Nile had been on a destructive Metal path since their inception in 1993 and over the last few years their impact and influence has visibly grown more than tenfold. The bands own Metal maturity continues to broaden with each consecutive release and their latest album “At The Gate Of Sethu”; the band reminds us why they are so respected. 2014 finds them continuing their headlining tour and the NYC appearance will find a number of talented local bringers of Metal as support. As we found them doing during the 2013 run, Nile will be performing two sets across this tour and thanks to the fine folks at CEG Presents, PiercingMetal ‘s going to put a bunch of their readers into the sure to be crushing show that will happen on Easter Sunday at the beautiful Stage 48 venue.
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Congratulations To KISS On Their Official Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction (4/10/2014)

It’s on the books and NYC’s own KISS is FINALLY in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What a journey it has been and I am only talking about the last few weeks of the bands life. I will not recount it all here because its been posted around ad nauseum. However, that being said I am super happy and proud of my favorite band in the world that they are in. Now I have a reason to visit the museum in Cleveland.

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J&R Music World Closes After 43 Years (1971-2014)

Come on NYC. You are killing me here as this news marks the second iconic music related thing in NYC to shutter its doors this week alone. On Monday Lady Gaga performed the last concert ever at Roseland Ballroom (a venue which I lamented about HERE). Then comes the news that J&R Music World would be closing the retail stores that have been a staple attraction on the Park Row street for 43 years.

Logo - JR Music World

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Postponed: “A Night With Janis Joplin” @ Gramercy Theatre

It was about three weeks ago that I put up a posting informing our readers that The Gramercy Theatre was going to be playing host to the Broadway Theatrical Production of “A Night With Janis Joplin” and this show has been postponed indefinitely by the producers citing only “Production Issues”. No further information has been disclosed but refunds for tickets being held are available.

Banner - Night With Janis Joplin - 2014

The Cast:
Mary Bridget Davies – Janis Joplin
Alison Cusano – u/s Janis Joplin
Nikki Kimbrough – Etta James
Natasha Yvette Williams – Aretha Franklin

The show features Mary Bridget Davies as Janis Joplin while Alison Cusano is the Janis Joplin alternate. Its produced by Daniel Chilewich, Todd Gershwin and Michael Cohl with choreography by Patricia Wilcox. The story has been written and directed by Randy Johnson and brings the audience into the music of the late great performer. Musically this has been very well received and according to research it receives numerous standing ovations nightly. Through “A Night With Janis Joplin” the music and her story continue to live on for today’s interested fan. I know it sounds interesting enough to see so I will remain hopeful that this works itself out for the better.
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Goodbye To The Roseland Ballroom (12/31/1919-4/7/2014)

And so it ends. Last night Lady Gaga finished her several show residency at the venerated NYC night club and upon completion of the encores and the confetti, the doors were closed on The Roseland Ballroom forever. Wow. Such a feeling of finality for the NYC live music scene and words that I am truly finding sorrow in writing down for you all. I’m really going to miss this place being here for the shows. The marquee photo from below was from the last time that I would attend an event at the venue back in December of 2013. It was for the Japanese band “VAMPS” who were quite entertaining.

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