Track Listing:

  1. Mother Mary
  2. When Daylight Goes To Town
  3. Let It Roll
  4. I'm A Loser
  5. This Kids
  6. The Wild One
  7. Fighting Man
  8. Only You Can Rock Me
  9. Baby Blue
  10. Mr. Freeze
  11. Love To Love
  12. Too Hot Too Handle
  13. Lights Out
  14. Rock Bottom
  15. Doctor Doctor
  16. Shoot Shoot

Artist:   UFO
Title:    “Showtime”
Label:    SPV Records
Release Date:   11/8/2005
Genre:    Hard Rock

Rating:    7/10

Written By:    Ken Pierce (copyright 2005) for

Capturing the performance of UFO recorded at “Pumpwerk” in Wilhelmshaven Germany this CD comes to use as the direct companion to the DVD bearing the same name. The band had toured extensively for the SPV Records release of “You Are Here” which was a solid Rock And Roll album full of classy hooks and soulful vocals. Truly the lineup with Mogg, Way, and Raymond from the original band was brought to an even tighter level with the help of new members Jason Bonham and Vinnie Moore. With Moore and Bonham handling the guitar and drums the band seemed to be at a great level as Moore is a guitar players dream in his own right and Bonham holds the legacy of Led Zeppelin’s famous skin pounder John. Phil Moggs voice has not changed all that much over the years and when a band continues after many lineup changes that same presence makes sure that it holds a level of consistency and doesn't lose their audience. This consistency shows profoundly on legendary songs such as “Too Hot Too Handle”, “Lights Out”, and “Only You Can Rock Me”. These are not only my favored tracks on the recording but my favorite UFO songs altogether. Fans of the group will find a sufficient amount of the classic material present on this CD as well as new songs from the album. A nice mix all around and an excellent production that allows you to feel as if the band is present should you set the volume just right. Fans who have not heard Moore in the live sense or at all will definitely appreciate how well he handles the Schenker era material as well. The entire groove of the live show is held together by the very solid drumming of Jason who really has come a long way in his playing. He also helps out on the vocals.

An eight page color booklet loaded with photos is enclosed along with an extensive essay by Mattias Mineur that brings you up to date on the history of the group. Given this is the first recording of a live show in 26 years it makes for good reading. Given that there is a companion DVD to this I would have to say that this CD is really something I would only buy if you are a completist. I was fine with the DVD but I personally prefer a concert video as opposed to an album of it. The music is quality but I enjoyed the overall presentation on the DVD so much that this did not hold my interest as much as I had expected. Fans who like the audio versus the video more so will lean to this or perhaps those that just want a great selection of Rock classics to keep in the car for those jaunts about town. Either way UFO does not disappoint.

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